4×4 =16

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Hello there! I went to Midvalley this morning to have brunch. Me and my mum went to Din Tai Fong to eat. Heehee. Taiwan/Shangai food. This brand has over 40 plus francaise around the world. Including USA.

Pink and Brown mix well. (:

That’s the machine to make the xiao long pau dough.
Bad picture cause it was taken outside.

After making the dough flat, this chef will make ‘play’ with it . Haha

Well, not exactly play. He makes it rounder.

From that fat piece of dough…

To thin ones.

Then he takes out this mini weighing machine. And starts making small round doughs.

Looks like marshmallows.

Then another chef will flatten it and make the base.

Another chef puts the filling. And weighs it too.

Then the third chef folds it.

Each has minimum 18 folds before the chef can close the hole on the top.
Each xiao long pau weighs the same.
Oh do you know? Every cheft who folds xiao long pau is right-handed.

Lalalaa. xD

Steamed chicken soup. No herbs. Nothing but a layer of old ginger at the bottom, spring onion and chicken on it.
Each bowl is individually steamed. Even the ingredients have to be placed in order!

Xiao Long Pau

Specially for vegetarians? Ahaha. They use xiao bai chai. In cantonese it’s xiu bak choi.

This is so cute. (:

Din Tai Fong’s special fried rice.

Char Cheong Meen.

Laaaaa Mian. xD

This pork chop is absolutely tasty. Seriously.

Drunken Chicken. Mahhh de. Made me dizzy.

The restaurant

It’s bread outside . Yam inside.

Meet the owner of Din Tai Fong, Meng Lu Lim.


London Streets.
Su Ting

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