But Do You Dare?

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Lol. I just realized.. I skipped my librarian duty today!! Oh no. I am in deep trouble.. Anyway, school’s school. What is there to talk about school? Okayy. Got some. Lmaoo.
New students came to our school. People like.. erm. Nadia, Christopher Goh, Yi Shan, Wei Shiu, Ryan Liu, Ming Da, and people . Hahah. Got more coming next week.

Editorial Board Meeting postponed to Monday. Where, I don’t know. Ask Lynette or Yi May.

Oh right, miss our camwhores? (:

I love this. Great way to remind backseaters to wear their safety belts. (:

Yuanzhen, Su Ting
Don’t guess where. It’s somewhere.

Yeahh. First time see me wear beret right?

Yuanzhen adores checkers. Right? (:

I’ll bring the fire to make you cold.
Su Ting

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