Happy Chinese New Year!

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Hey there! I went to Penang on Thursday night. And toured arounud when everyone’s studying in school. Ahahaha! I went to Air Itam (Air Hitam/ Ayer Itam) for breakfast. I totally love the koay chiap there. It’s like pan mee . They don’t use noodles but tear pieces of rice flour instead. The soup looks a little dark and has duck and etc in it. (:

After breakfast, we walked to the Kek Lok Si Temple. I practically ran all the way up. And up meaning the stairs. Yes, the temple is located on a hill. Beautiful. (: We ‘climbed’ up the pagoda too! Gosh, the view from the pagoda would be lovely at night.. (:

My mum and me.

As if I was in China.

And back to the olden days.

Penang Island view from the temple.

Chinese New Year decos. (:

Real pumpkins! No kidding. They were lifted up from the ground.. Seriously.

Not a house. Ahaha. It’s so weird, out of the blue got a ‘homely’ corner

Rest. Rest. Was tired after running around. xD

Mum: Look there. I snap, then you can see how a dead fish look like.
#Note// Don’t stone okay. -__-

And we took the Malaysia’s only inclined lift to see the bronze Guan Yin. But sadly, we couldn’t take any pictures of it because it was under renovation. They’re building 8 pillars around the Guan Yin.


ROOSTER! Teehee.

What’s that? It’s part of the bench.. I don’t know how to explain. View below.

My mum and her ram. Her pet ram. Ahaha

Get the idea of the bench now?

It was bright!! I swear I wasn’t posing!

Turtles. There were SO MANY OF THEM!

After that we walked all the way back to Air Itam market and went into Maxim’s Cafe for a drink. We were exhausted. I ate KahlĂșa flavoured gelato. ^^ Sweeeeeetttt!

Info# Gelato

Italian ice cream made from a liquid, milk or water; a solid, sugar, fats or sweeteners.

Coffee + Alcohol.


Lmao. I was sipping coffee and admiring the colourful gelatos. xD

We visited it. LMAO. Random. But yeah.

Then off to Chowrasta Market to find old books

And then we ate Cendol! There were two stalls.. We tried both. xD

Look at that green green stuff.. 0_0

*Go grab a copy of CLEO Magazine (Malaysia) ! My cousin’s on the front cover – Jojo Tan.
*Happy 1 Year Anniversary to my cousin and her husband – Jymmy and Jovin. (:
*Take care of your kiddie in your womb too Jovin jie jie.

More to come. Wait on. (: Taaa.

Happy 2 Month Anniversary.
Su Ting

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