Hello, I’m here to give a major SPILL.

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Went out to Curve and OU for the ‘last night of freedom’. Got free goodies. ^^ And ate dinner at Sri Melaka with my mum and her friends.

laura mercier.

This is so cute! (: The way the horsie moves is just so adorable!

Camwhore. Camwhore. LOL. My feet ached. T_T

Green Curry. Doesn’t look so green here..

Assam Fish. Doesn’t taste like fish. -_-

From Dragon-i. They are so cute!

But seriously, it’s Ox year. Why pigs? 0__o


School. 0_0
Oh guess what, I’m in 4 Keledang people!!
4 Keledang. Pure Science Stream. ^^
Thank gawd I am not in Belian, Jati, Kempas, Keruing or Meranti.
Me love me class and shall not change. Whee! I can live with this. *smiles.
I have my family in my class. [ Satisfaction ]
I sit next to Cindy. ^^
I’m AJK for Chemistry. ^^
My teachers are i-think-very-awesome except the Sejarah Teacher.

Will be back, say.. weekends? School’s back. Will be busy. Ciaoo. [:

I’m satisfied.
Are you?
Su Ting

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