I got a soul, but I’m not a soldier.

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Went to Eng Loe to eat. Don’t ask me for road names okay, I was totally lost. I know it’s near Fort Cornwallis and my cousin’s office equipment shop. (:After eating breakfast, we walked to Fort Cornwallis and toured. xD It was just so, so. I wanted to try on the old English dress. But my goodness, rental price – RM20!!! No thanks.

Goats, birds and horses are there. It’s a half zoo. HAHA. Oh, we met a parrot too! Who doesn’t speeak when we’re near it. -_-

SHTI Ship! (:

Letters written by Francis Light.

Antics that were dug up.

For what crime??

Gun Powder and Cannon Balls!

That’s where they store gun powder and cannon balls.

I swear I wasn’t posing. (again)

The front gate. With the security guard. Ahaha

After Fort Cornwallis, we went to my cousin’s shop and cool off the Penang heat. Bought fish curry, prawn curry, sotong curry for dinner and toured around Penang again. Went to almost every temple you can find there. Including a Burmese Temple! Kinda cool you know. Haha. Anyway, we got ourr blessings there and gave our respect in all the temples we visited.
Went home, and heeehee. Played WC till dinner time. After dinner, we went to Tesco for war! My outstanding aunt actually manage to grab 2 whole chickens! About 9 bucks. Cheaaappp!

See that dude there ? He wrote the book Rasa-Rasa Penang.

It’s like as if it was from the olden days..

They aren’t as big as you think!

Pity it was closed on Fridays!!

Burmese temples. It was many tiny shrines.

The main gate.

This shrine is H-U-G-E!

The biggest shrine there.


I had food poisoning. ): What luck I had today.
Had a barbeque party at night though. No pictures though. I was too busy roasting lamb, pork and sausages for my family. ^^


I didn’t do much today. At night, we had our reunion dinner. With steamboat of course!

Fish balls, Sotong, Prawns, Chicken…

Vanessa, Su Ting, Nicholas

My 2nd uncle.

My first uncle.

Me and my cousins, and their parents.

My aunt and mum.

Vanessa Tan Yun Xin.

Nicholas Tan Xian Yang.

My ultra-noisy-playful-naughty little cousin.

All my life,
Su Ting

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