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Settle precious, I know what you’re going through.
Just ten minutes before you got here I was going to jump too.

but the truth is, if i could be with anyone,
it’d still be you.

I don’t know, it’s like we’re two halves of
the same person, or something. And when
we’re apart we just aren’t happy.

I read your letter,
I read it five times now, but I still don’t get it.
All this stuff about memories and you and me
And the way it used to be,
And how you half-regret it,
And how it feels so good to get it off your chest.
I wish I never read it.
It makes me wish I was the one who left.

Just because you were happy with him,
doesn’t mean you can’t be happy without him

Love is such a strong word.
When we were just little kids, we always thought
love was just about hugs, kisses, & happiness.
But as we grow, we learn that it’s not just about
happiness, it’s also about learning to accept
rejections, tears, & heartbreaks.
That’s where I
come to help you up, wipe those tears away, put
your heart back to one when you’re hurt from love.
And when I say I love you, you’d better believe
that I mean that with every fiber of my being.

i believe in love, lust, sex, and romance
i don’t want everything to add up to the perfect equation
i want mess and chaos.
i want someone to go crazy out of his mind for me
i want to feel passion and heat and madness
i want it all.

I love you. Not maybe, not tomorrow, not someday,
right now – at this very moment. I realized something.
I need you. I trust you, I admire you, I want you.
& you can be wrong a lot of the time, & we can fight,
& get mad at each other, but nothing, nothing in this
world can change the fact that I love you.

so sit and smile and laugh and make me happy
let’s spend the whole day, watching the freeway
there’s nothing i would rather do on Saturday night
then let my feelings smolder between your shoulders yeah,
oh don’t you wanna be mine

it seems like a million years ago we dated,
but it wasn’t. maybe you’re over it.
maybe it doesn’t mean anything to you anymore.
maybe it never did, but it meant a lot to me.
you meant a lot to me. and you still do.

I believe that we could be extraordinary together
rather than ordinary apart.

Maybe, you’re gonna be the one that saves me <3

Credits to wys_Quotography

We’re Drifting Apart.
I’m trying real hard hun..
Not to tear.
Su Ting

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