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Happy Chinese New Year people!
The lion dance drums woke me up like every chinese new year I celebrated since I was small.. Of course, I ran outside to watch them, in my nighties. AHAHA. Got dressed after that and went out for breakfast. (:

My mum and me.

*Ring ring!!
(my mum’s idea. Ahaha)

Coconuts. I ate one here last year. Ahaha. Nice and sweet.

At night, we had a fabbbbbbbbbulous yee sang with extra extra salmon! ^^

Look at the amount of salmon!

Wine. Wine. Wine.

Lou Heii!! ^^

Say stinky feet!!

My aunt and cousin, Jovin.

My uncle’s family. Uncle and aunt, son-in-law and Jovin, Vanessa and Nicholas

Meet my beloved aunt!

The Lovebirds.

My mum, grandma and 2nd-uncle.

Cheese cake! Teehee. My favourite.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!!

Last night at Penang..


Taa Penang.. ):


Went to my god-ma’s poolside open house.

Ladies in red. Ahaha. ^^

My god-ma made it. (:

Su Ting

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