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Remember the Library Week back in June last year? Goshh. In a few months, and it will be one year ago already! Yeah. I know these pictures are like.. So old already. But still, I gotta post them up. Especially when the pictures are fabulous/hilarious/awesome/scary! I wasn’t the photographer though. Ahaha. Anyway, let’s look at the pictures. (:

Welcome to Heaven. (:

Yyonne and Vivian/Valerie (one of them)

Errm. Skip this photo. Ahahaa. So retarded.

Mei Wen, Stephanie and the blue fish.

Yvonne Mermaid.

Cindy and Steph spoil the picture lahh. Spongebob so cute.. (:

Eek. Guess who. (:

Looks like tarot cards. Ahaha


See see?? Damn cute. xD

V-Ki. The host and her pet Mushy. LOL

Then the angel came and beautify the picture. Ahahaha

Seriously, Cindy look so innocent.

Hui Ying.

LMAO… You guys arh. Go camwhore with my camera. -_-

5 Jati people.

Who is this stranger???

This one I know. But I don’t know your name.

Woah. Ghost can do peace sign..



Sun Siew and Hong Yen.

Ermm. {Insert your name here}

Catherine is freaky.

Starting from here onwards.. LOL on the mermaid pictures. -_- Seriously.


Mei Wen


Hui Ying


Then.. The fish. -_-

Lydia and V-Ki

Asyrif emo-ing.

Yea yeah. I know you guys very cute and adorable.

Ghost came to heaven. Ahaha. That’s me . Goshhhhhhhh. 0__x

Nice picture.

What’s with this fish?? 0_o

LOL. Promoting heaven. Ahaha

Ehh! Zhu Shaun’s sister! xD

Eh Sweep floor lahh. Poser betul..

Angel and the Devil.

LMAO. Devil and the Angel. -_-

Plus the .. errm. Victim? xD

Seriously retards lah. Ahaha

Angel Lydiaa! (:

Ahh… I am Sooooooooo scared.

Whose that? Ahaha. Catherine. On the bookshelf. -_-

Jasmine Khoo.

Kendrick.. LMAO. Form ones. -_-

Ahhhh. I like this picture. xD Steph look so innocent.

Hi Pn Anne! (:

Form 4’s. (2008)

{Insert your name here}

Aik Lynn! LOL

Jamie Sparrow. LOL.

Yi Jean, Kar Men, Man Leng and Pei Li

Jonathan, Nabil, Thein and Jeremy

Leon Tai and Sharmaine.

Underwater World.

Lim Yi Jean.

I see people. Lol

Ahaha. Look at Sharmaine.. xD

Shin Yen b*tchy. Ahahaha. Kiddin’.

All looked excited. (:

Zhu Shaun look like he merajuk-ing

Su Yi and Zhi Ling’s hair. LOL. Scared already lohh.

Raymond scared his heart pop out. Ahahaha

Anisa Yasmin.

Danial.. is it?

Yoke Yee. LOL

Yoke Yee and Yoke Yee. Ahaha Seriously.

The few not so scary pictures.

But still, they got scared. Ahaha. See the hand there.. From no where.

Ohhh. The two heads at the bottom are Christina and Felicia. Scared to death. xD

Zoom in. (:

Wei Kiat scared! Morris worse than afraid.

Look at Wei Kiat. Ahahaa.

Morris, John, Ken Vern and Derrick.

What’s there? xD

Here’s the trick..


Ahahaha Chia Seng seriously screamed.

LOL. Isn’t this 3 Mawar? I know who took this picture..

The one who. Ahemm* liked Deanna.

Beyonce. Ahahha



They are scared but can laugh. -_-

Ahahahaha! I scared Hui Ying. Zoom zoom!! Look at her mouth. xD

I see Beatrice. And my back.

I am 100% certain it’s Cindy’s hand. Can recognise her watch. Ahaha.

Jean Yee, don’t cry.. (:

Ehh. What’s an angel doing in the Dark Forrest?

The Chinese Guan Yin also in Dark Forrest??

Limin, Yoke Yee, Billy, Mei Wen and me.
Lmao. I’m the odd one in uniform.

Teacher.. Lol. Forgot her name. hhehe.


James Lee Poser Han Jie.

AHAHA. Jane’s MOST embbarassing picture. xD

Suo Leng , the cool girl. Ahaha And damn. She got straight A’s!

Kit Lu and Hash.

Asyraf. Ahaha

Either Hui Ying , or Poh Choo stalked on this girl. Confirm..

Rest rest. (:

No more.. /:

Cause nobody wants to be the last one there
Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares
Someone to love with my life in their hands
Su Ting

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