The little details.

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I went to CEC yesterday with Cindy.. To study?? Ahaha. Nope, to gotong-royong. The lady there was like.. GOSH Girls! You could have come in the morning! Then you can help me clean the whole kindergarten! Ahaha. Kinda cute. She even caught us dancing and singing in the classroom! OopS!

Meet the little girl for the day..

Cindy Siao Zha Bo.

What great photographs she takes..

See see? Su Ting so guai..

Not. [;

It was Thursday… -_-

She look so innocent! See her face!

See how lucky the broom and ‘pen dou’ is. Get to cam whore with us.


I so good girl right? I know!! *perasan

Jump high, I’ll reach the sky, hun.

Jump! She knows she can have fun!

Say cheese!

Can see me?

Emo… ):

Wake up. Notice the world around you.
Su Ting

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