Christmas Party @ Ming Yue’s

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On a Sunday evening, a message popped up while I was working.. Big shock there cause it was Ming Yue, asking me if I was free that night. He had a Christmas party going on at 7pm, wondered if I could go. Anyway, skipping all the nonsense in between 5pm till 7pm.. I had I great time there. I was in a total different social circle. Besides a few of course. Yi May was there, Jane was there.. Overall, I had a great time. (:


The highway in front of Pizza Hut is jam everyday and every night. Yeeshhhhh!



Jane and I. I looked horrible. ):



Jane and Ming Yue


Ming Han playing the guitar. Couldn’t get the other girl playing guitar.. I was lazy to move my butt.


Say hello to Blue Bells! Got it on Sunday. Shall remember that on the 21st of Dec is it’s birthday.

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