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Hello readers, how nice to see all of you reading my latest post. 😀 On Wednesday night, I went to SMKBU3’s prom as Victor‘s partner. Starry Starry Night was their theme. (: Though I know only a handful of people there, I enjoyed the night. The form 5’s are wild! Okay, maybe not wild, they’re so together and not shy to play around, have fun.. 😀 Anyway, here’s 2 pictures of us. (:


On Thursday, I went to Jane‘s house for the day. We were having a photo shoot with Joe Leong, Christian Leong, Shin Yen and Kar Men as well. We had a great time.. (:




Jane Lee


Shin Yen






I took this. Shin Yen’s out of focus, but I like this photo very much.


This is one good picture of me with my hair up.. Suprisingly.
I never liked having my hair up.. Until today! 😀


Jane, Shin Yen, and me.










I did this little photoshoot for Shin Yen, upstairs when Joe wasn’t using his camera. 😀





_DSC2156 - Copy

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