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I’ve invited V-Ki to have dinner with my mum and I at Kannichikan Yakiniku Restaurant @ Desa Sri Hartamas. Sort form for the name is KnK. Did you know there’s a lot of Japanese living there? It’s almost like a Japanese colony!! Anyway, we were having a korean/japanese style barbeque. We’ve ordered lots of raw meat and had fun grilling them on the healthy charcoal fire. You think the charcoal is bad? Well, the charcoal isn’t, I’m telling you. It gives out less smoke, burns your skin lesser (when they ‘explode’), lasts longer and has bigger fire.


When they have the red cloth banner out, it means they’re open! Well, I need to tell you this because you might think its closed because the doors are shut.


Not a really pleasant looking place, but its for health’s sake. (: Anyway, the food made me forget about how it looks.


Their alcohol range. Many weird names that even I don’t recognise except Sake.


Ain’t this pretty? The huge word printed on it meant white.


Mixed Kim Chi (RM10)
From left to right, chinese-cabbage, white radish and Cucumber Kim Chi.
The cucumber one isn’t really appetizing, the cabbage is more delicious compared to the white radish. Overall, the kim chi isn’t as spicy and sour as the ones they eat in Korea. This one is just nice for the locals like you and me.


Beef Sashimi (RM23)
YUM. Its really raw beef mixed with only the egg yolk, white radish and a squeeze of lemon. Don’t worry, only raw chicken and pork meat will harm you. Really, try this one day, it will make you go wild.




Do remember to toss them together before eating! ๐Ÿ˜€



Korean Pan-cake (RM17)
Garlic Chives omelette. Not something I would recommend for RM17.. Its something you can cook at home. Ordering this is a big NO, NO.



BBQ Fish Fillet (RM20)
Saba Fish that is marinated with only salt and pepper. Guess what? It’s the juciest piece of fish I’ve ever eaten!! Especially with a little bit of lemon. OMG. Fantastic. It’s just how you’d like to enjoy a grilled fish. Note, this isn’t oily.



Sliced Roasted Beef (RM23)
Absolutely lovely. Don’t you just love juicy beef that is slightly cooked and raw at the middle? Well, I love it. Sliced white radish are hiding under the beef along with the white radish sauce on top.



Chili Lamb Rack (RM23)
I didn’t notice the chilli.. But its hell good.







For the meat, do dip them in the soy sauce on your table. Yum yum.


Premium Wagyu Shortrib (RM58)
Now, since its raw, and you’re the one doing the grilling.. You can try it rare, medium rare or well done. Best thing is if you try them all. If you don’t know how to grill, ask the waiters or waitresses!



Look at those beauties.. Aren’t they making you drool?


Squid (RM18), Scallop (RM18), King Prawn (RM23)
The squid isn’t worth the money but the scallop.. Oh yeah.. The scallop. JUICY. YUMMY. DELICIOUS. What other gorgeous words would you like me to use to make you try them? (: I didn’t try the king prawn.. There were only 2. Do squeeze lemon on them before you consume them! ๐Ÿ˜€



The lucky thing for me and V-Ki was that we didn’t need to grill the food. The owner did them for us willingly. We both are really grateful because we are bad at grilling it at its best temperature.



Japan Kuroge Wagyu Shortrib (RM97)
The ultimate premiumย  beef you can find here. How do they taste? Stunning. Especially when they’re rare. OH MY. Just so yummy, it makes me drool when I think of them.



The come with capsicum and melon as well. (: Note: If you haven’t tried grilled capsicum, TRY THEM.


Curry Udon Noodles (RM20)
Not really spicy.. At least, for me. I dipped them into the soup because of my awful sore throat. Its getting worse because I didn’t listen to my boyfriend. YES, sorry boss.. ):



Rice with Korean Vegetables (RM20)
Served in a stone bowl. Literally. Caution, the bowl is extremely hot. Don’t even touch the table after you move its position. I had the bad experience. ): Well, after mixing the rice with a little chilli sauce, the owner distributed some to us. I tried it. A bit like the claypot chicken rice? Except this one isn’t chicken rice, it’s fried rice with vegetables. Oh my, suddenly I’m craving for claypot chicken rice. Teehee.




Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur
No. 38, Jalan 28/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
(near Souled Out)

Tel: 03-23008829

Lunch: 12.00pm ~ 2.30pm (Except Sunday)
Dinner: 6.00pm ~ 10.30pm (Daily)

Ampang Branch

No. 51, Jalan Damai, 55000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2163 8213

Penang Branch

No. 125-N, 1st Floor, Desa Tanjung, 10470 Tanjung Tokong, Penang

Tel: 04-899 8208


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