CNY Lunch @ Nikko Hotel

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Hello world, mum and I had lunch with Aunty Kattie at Toh Lee Chinese restaurant, Nikko Hotel. We had a Set A from the Chinese New Year menu which has a minimum of 3 persons and costs RM138++ per person. Overall, its a lovely lunch I had. The ambiance was pretty good, the food was gorgeous, the conversations made it even livelier. Perfect choice to have a CNY lunch with your family. (: The round table, the yee sang, the contemporary dishes with a bit of fusion.. A real 5 star experience. 😀


Uni and Tobiko Yee Sang and Abalone Yee Sang. We had the abalone one, since Aunty Kattie didn’t like raw fish..
A better one compared to One World’s. Although I didn’t really like the seaweed.. It taste a little weird.. Besides, they’ve added enzyme that’s really good for you. 😀


Double Boiled “Shartin Chicken” with Butterfly Shark’s Fin Soup
I always loved herbal soups. Do you? Oh, oh! Look at those HUGE kei chis (Red dates)! They’re really sweet! The soup is really sweet and yummy. Unlike those bitter ones that most people dislike.


Boiled “Shartin Chicken” with Lemon Grass and Salt Water
Although a bit salty (Of course right, this dish is meant to be salty), it made me want to have more. It’s a cold dish, like drunken chicken. Except it’s with lemon grass, and the spring chicken ain’t drunk.


Deep Fried Sea Prawns with Egg Mayonnaise and Black Sesame
I love it! Although, my first impression was.. Japanese rice with mustard? The chef added a little lemon juice, making it a little sour. Which is my favourite.


Braised Sea Cucumber, Dried Oysters and Sea Moss served with Fried Rice and Golden Shallot
I didn’t touch anything but the rice. The rice is tasteless. No salt. But, I really like it, something about it that made me eat spoon after spoon.




Chilled “Kam Quat” and Dried Plum with Lemon Enzyme
Not my kind of dessert! ):


Ying Yang “Nian Gao”
I really tried hard to like this, but I’d very much prefer it without the sesame seed and the red bean paste on top.

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