Fancy a Top Hat?

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I’m still not feeling very well. What a great way to start school tomorrow.. Everyone would look so lovely and happy except me. *cries. I’m like so lack of attention now. Who am I gonna sit with? It’s so odd to sit in the middle of class alone. -___- I’m like the odd one out in my class. I feel even more odd if I just say hello hello, what’s up?? To those I seldom talk to. O_O Even when I really wish I can talk to them. Ahhhhh!! LOA. ):

Anyway, my cough and sore throat has lowered my photography and taste buds today.. My mum, brother and I had a western and asian lunch at Top Hat @ Jalan Stonor. What a cute road, Jalan Stone-r. Hahaha! Anyway, Top Hat has a really nice ambiance. Lots of antiques, wood furniture and lovely collection of china and statues etc. Only warning from me is.. STAY AWAY FROM THE GARDEN. ): I went outside to take the photographs.. 3 mosquitoes landed on my arm. Another 5 on my legs. And…. *closes mouth. I shan’t say anymore. Its very unpleasant, that’s all. Wonder why they bothered growing the lemon grass since it became the mosquitoes’ habitat. ):


Wine Bar.


Private Room.


Smaller Dining Area.


Bigger Dining Area.


Portobello Mushroom Soup (RM30)
Lovely. Beats the Campbell mushroom soup a million times.


Homemade Chicken Satay (RM18)
6 sticks of chicken satay. For RM18? I’d rather get the lamb satay from hawker stalls.. Oh well, its fine dining.



Signature Top Hats (RM10)
Pai Tee served with homemade sweet and sour chilli sauce
The top hats really look like top hats. Except they’re not black.. It’s not too soggy, nor too dry. It’s crispy even after exposed to room temperature for quite some time. Really good stuff.



Traditional Eurasian Platter (RM49)
Cashew nut buttered rice served with (clockwise) deep fried white bait, seafood satay on sugar cane stick, acar, brocollis, mushroom and carrot in light oyster sauce, Devil chicken curry, and Lamb semur with sliced potatoes.
Sadly I couldn’t try this because of my terrible sore throat.. ):


Deep fried white bait, Seafood satay on sugar cane stick and the cashew nut buttered rice.





Signature Chicken and Mushroom Pie (RM30)
The pie is lovely. But still not there.. It’s almost ordinary to me. Not exciting at all.



Linguine Aglio Olio (RM30)
Perfect for vegetarians. This is quite lovely. Typically because I love mushrooms so much. A little bit creamy though.


Nyonya Laksa (RM28)
I couldn’t try this, but my mum finished her portion. Usually she doesn’t… Apparently, both my mother and brother loved it. Too bad I couldn’t try it! ):




Char Grilled Lamb Rack (RM75)
Served with redcurrant sauce, mushroom ragouts and sweet potato paste.
The lamb is a little too well done. I love my lamb to be rare, or at least medium rare. Te redcurrant is tasty and not too sweet. It goes lovely with the lamb.




Signature Tiramisu Cake (RM16)
Hot Chocolat‘s tiramisu is more moist and lovelier! AND! It’s cheaper by 10 cents.




Warm Chocolate Pudding (RM16)
Served with homemade orange ice cream and sesame wafer.
A chocolate lover’s dessert.


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