Pre-CNY dinner @ Zuan Yuan, One World Hotel

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Da Vinci was great but not really.. I wasn’t allowed to snap any photos, how sad. ): Anyway, dinner was filling. Chinese food are always great.


Assorted Tempura Mushroom Yee Sang (RM60 for half portion and RM120 for full portion)
This is one different kind of yee sang. To be honest, although I miss the salmon and the jelly fish, this is actually great!! This is also a dish for Vegetarians. I know, you guys think omg, vegetarian food, I bet it sucks. Try this before you judge.



Deep-fried Spring Roll with Prawn Paste (RM10 per portion)
Hard to eat it cause its quite huge.. But really crispy and yummy. (:


Deep-fried Homemade Nian Gao with Sweet Potato (Comes with promotion and all..)
Really nice nian gao. I had like, 3. I didn’t know it was sweet potato either! It’s much sweeter than the normal ones I had.



Sauteed Celery with Scallops and Caramelised Walnuts
Fresh scallops.. Checked. Crunchy Walnuts.. Checked. Beautiful taste.. Checked.


Wok fried butter prawns with pumpkin cubes, shredded curry leaves, chili padi and salad
This is a dish to admire and accidentally eating too many prawns! The yam carving (Pagoda) looked so pretty meanwhile the butter prawns taste fabulous. I’m going to put on another 500 grams because of this ! ):



Steam dried oyster and fatt choi in tofu money bag with broccoli
Not my kind of dish.. My mother didn’t really fancy it either. Hopefully they improved the dish when Chinese New Year arrives.


Lap mei fun with smoked duck, salted duck with bone and turkey liver sausage. dried prawns, mushrooms and yam cubes
Another dish I dislike. Every Chinese New Year they have this. Either this or the noodles. I’d prefer the noodles. For this particular one is a little bit dry, almost like steamed rice. As for the salted duck.. It’s really salty..



Homemade Kwei Ling Gao herbal jelly pudding with ginseng and red dates
Eat it because it helps to clear blemishes!

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