Here We Go Again.

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Hey folks! I skipped my Sports Day today.. Wasn’t eager to go either.. Knowing I don’t have any event to take anyway.. /: Anyway, I heard scouts got first place in marching! CONGRATS! Last year, 3rd place. This year, 1st place! You guys are great! (: But of course, don’t get too proud. Make sure you guys keep getting first place! 😀 For the house marching.. OMG! CONGRATS YELLOW HOUSE AND PURPLE HOUSE! (I’m in purple house btw)

Anyways, I don’t have pictures for Sports Day. (Obviously..) So I’m just gonna cheer you guys with these few photos. (:


It was raining so heavily on Tuesday evening. ):



Hsu Zen. She looks like she’s thanking God for raining.. Haha!


Le Meridien has a new Italian restaurant! This is one of their items!




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