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I had a beautiful dinner tonight at Sage Restaurant. Fine dining Japanese-Western Fusion Cuisine. If you think Japanese would not go with Western, think again! To be honest, it was the most satisfying dinner I had since the last time I went to Sage. All you need to make it absolutely perfect is good company and you’re set to go! Trust me, you’ll enjoy it too.



Presenting Chef Daniel who was cooking for us!


Complimentary Bread. Yum.


Sparkling Mojito (Non Alcoholic)
Sour like ice lemon tea, but it’s sparkling, with a tingling sensation!


Tranché of Buri Fish with Akame and Avruga (RM60nett)
I think this dish was made in heaven and served to us. It was so lovely! Every inch of this dish was pure quality. Smell that gorgeous truffle oil. The raw Buri fish was just right, Akame herbs was fragrant, the salt was crystallized and crunchy. The Avruga Caviar was heavenly. And a pinch of wasabi just makes the fish fly. Buri, buri!



Capellini Pasta with Shellfish, Tongarashi Spice (RM60nett)
This dish must be created for Malaysians/Asians. It’s slightly spicy and the Capellini Pasta’s texture is a little like mee suah – very smooth. Very Malaysian-inspired, I suppose. The shellfish – prawns and fish – was the best part. Fresh and juicy. YUM!



Halfway through, we ordered garlic bread just for the heck of it. 😀


Lime and Lemon Granité
Don’t be fooled by its appearance! It’s not just shaved ice! It’s exquisite, expensive spoonfuls of shaved ice! However, this is the perfect snow white, shaved ice with a citrusy tang,  I like!


It was an open kitchen, and we sat exactly where we sat the first time we came – In front of the open kitchen, where we could eye the chefs. Hehe!


Pan-fried Hirame with Sea Scallop and Crustacean Oil (RM95nett)
My mum ordered this for the main course and I had a bite of the fish and a scallop. The fish was not bad, but I really prefer a cod fish. The scallop was nice. (:


Hirame Fish. Yummy spinach leaves.


Almond Crusted Lamb Rack with White Miso and Nasu (RM95nett)
Maybe the chef’s recommendation was better… I had it medium-rare.. He recommended medium-well done. It was too tough for me. ): But the sauteed shitake and himeji mushrooms were gorgeous! Oh, by the way, Nasu is an eggplant. It’s hiding in this picture.. It can be seen underneath the lamb rack in the picture below.






Crépe Suzette with Grand Marnier and Orange Zest (RM30nett)
The Crépe was unexplainable. You would just keep nibbling on it and when it finally finishes, you would long for more. This is a bittersweet Crépe with a dash of Grand Marnier and I kept wanting more! After finishing the crépe, I ‘cleanse’ the rich flavour with the ice cream topped with the orange zest and it made me go ‘Mmmmm…’



After dessert, coffee or tea makes the meal complete.



I tried capture the lovely crested moon. Sadly, it didn’t look so good in the picture.. /:

Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar
The Residences Level 6
The Gardens, Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 KL.

Tel: 03-22681328



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