Towards The Nostalgic City.

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Hello readers. (: I’m currently in Penang now.. The weather here is super hot! The golden sunrays were so bright, you could go blind anytime. Okay, that was a bit too much. But seriously though, it’s really hot here. Wonder how Pei Shi can stand the heat here, oh my gosh.. Anyway, I wanted to say sorry to Kit Lu for ditching her in school. Heh, sorry Lulu! I hope Euodia isn’t having a fever, and I hope Cindy’s dizzyness is gone. Stupid weather. Spoiling everyone’s mood and health! Rawr!

So people, Chinese New Year is on Valentine’s Day. What are you couples gonna do? How are you guys celebrating? This is so clashing.. OMG.. Have you seen the double love promotions and all?? Gosh. Anyway, I’m going off now. Taaa!! 😀

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