Breathing hard, she ran. All she wanted to do was to stop time and rethink the whole incident. She ran out of her house towards the big park nearby. When she reached the park, she slowed down and walked towards a huge palm tree. She lied on the freshly cut grass and closed her eyes.

She needed to think. She decided to rethink of all her priorities. She wants him and her friends. God didn’t seem to let her have both. Should she trust her new found love? She finds that he cares more than her friends do. I mean, who cares if she’s in trouble? He does. Her friends has too many other things to worry about.. Okay, one point for boyfriend.Who sees her more often? Oh my, he does. Almost everyday! She gets all the attention she wants. But her friends.. There isn’t just A friend. She has so many friends in school, yet none of them would pay full attention to her.. Another point for boyfriend. But friends know her longer than he does. They know her better. One point for friends. But she could do a lot more with him than her friends. She could learn to do ballroom dancing with him! One point for boyfriend.

She wanted to scream. How could she be so thoughtless! She shouldn’t have pushed him away.. He was too precious yet she almost broke his fragile heart. Her face felt hot and she started to cry. She missed him so badly, she felt cold without him. Especially on her birthday, she felt like committing suicide. Finally, she gathered her courage to call him.

‘Hel.. Hello?’
‘Yeah..?’he said, in a monotonous voice.
Baby, um.. Listen.. I’m sorry.’
‘I’m really sorry, I shouldn’t have hurt your feelings.. Can I make it up to you?’
‘……….. How?’
‘I’ll buy you ice cream. We’ll talk about it. Let’s make things right. I miss you..’bxp243433
‘Baskin Robbins in half an hour?’
‘Okay, babe. See you there.’

WOOT!She succeeded her first step. Now for her second step, to make it up to him. 20 minutes later, she arrived at Baskin Robbins to see him sitting there waiting. She quickly bought 2 scoops of mint ice cream and sat next to him on the comfy couch, offering him some mint ice cream. He was dressed in a black sweater with bermuda pants, just chilling. Just seeing his gorgeous face, she felt happier.

‘Sweetheart, I’m sorry. I know I should be more matured. I can’t believed I treated you like that.’
‘So are your friends more important than me?’
‘No. You are. I love you.’
‘I love you too. Promise there won’t be a next time?’
‘Me and you against the world, baby. Remember that.’

She did it, she made things right again. They both smiled at each other and went all corny. They hugged and kissed and finished their favourite ice cream together. They had such a lovely time. Before they went their separate ways, he pulled her against the wall and gave her the most passionate kiss. She never felt so energetic and loved before. They were iseparable. Nobody could break the bond between them. Nobody.

wedding-picture-photo-takemetothelight-sharaffYear end came, and they were to go for his prom. Dressed in a while chiffon tube dress, she looked sweet. He, on the other hand, wore a double breasted suit with shades. Shades. Who wears shades to an indoor event? He was indeed weird. But she cared more about how handsome he looked. She was already imagining herself walking down the aisle and marrying the most beautiful man in the world. He was perfect. Back to reality, the prom was a blast for them. They had lovely dinner and danced together. They didn’t bother socializing and just enjoyed the company of each other. They were the ultimate lovebirds in prom.

But it wasn’t a real happy ending for them both. He was about to go on a long holiday with his family straight after prom. They were fine by it at first. They promised to keep in contact and kept sending emails to update each other.  By day 3, they couldn’t take it.

He missed her too much. She missed him too much. They end up fighting. They fought worse than a cat and dog. He was too afraid that she’d cheat on him. As she was so afraid he’d forget her after he comes home. The fight they had was never ending. It wasn’t that they don’t trust each other, they were constantly worried about each other. She wants to see him so badly. Worse of all, she was still working at a clothes store and was being harrassed by her co worker. She was so stressed out, she needed him so badly. She couldn’t stop wondering what he thinks when he’s on his ‘lovely’ holiday.

Day 7 came, she was hoping they would stop fighting and look forward to see him. 3 more days, and he’s home. Day by day, she continued to work hard at the clothes shop. She made so much sales, even customers ask for her during her off days. Of course it didn’t mean she doesn’t care about her beloved boyfriend. She was confident that he loves her and would still be by her side. She couldn’t wait for New Year’s Eve. Her first date at night, with him alone.


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