Laugh Your Meal @ Trishna, Damansara Intan

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Last Sunday night’s dinner was BOMB. Previously, Trishna had the worst reputation due to old issues. Now, it is completely the opposite. It’s the liveliest place especially for families and couples. The atmostphere is a little romantic, warm and happy. They have a vase of flowers on the table with a candle light. Isn’t that perfect for a date to an Indian restaurant? Trishna has a bar and a live band during the night but it doesn’t affect the families much. You know why? Because the owner does not want to loose the family-atmosphere. Although there is a bar, there is no drunk crowd that are arrogant and makes a scene (which spoils everybody’s mood). The best part is that while having your lovely dinner, the owner would accompany you once in a while. No, it isn’t creepy.. But omg, he’s the funniest fella I know. He can make a joke any time!

I’m a little in a rushing mood now cause I gotta study for my exams (3 more days, woohoo!) After that, I wouldn’t be around for a week next week (Holidays) . But do keep visiting me! I’d appreciate the visits and ad clicks so much. (: I promise big updates by end of next week. (:

private room

Private room. This restaurant is big enough to fit about 100 pax.. So birthday parties are best to celebrate here! (:


Bollywood band

Their live band. They sing really really well! (:

noorani kebab 1

Noorani Kebab
An inner circle of darker minced mutton surrounded by white minced chicken rolled in chopped parsley. This is really yummy and isn’t an ordinary kebab we all know.

vege kebab

Vegetarian Seekh Kebab (RM12)

vege seekh kebab

chicken tikka

Tandoori Chicken Tikka (RM14)

amritsari vegetables

Amritsari Mixed Vegetables (RM10)
For a vegetable dish, this is really good.. (With cottage cheese!)



stuffed potato naan

Potato Naan.
It’s like having mashed potato naan.. Quite extraordinary, I must say.

tandoori chicken

Tandoori Chicken

sizzling mixed platter

Special Sizzler Mix Grill (RM38)
It really sizzles when it reaches your table. It has a selection of chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, kebabs, fish, prawns and lamb.




Paneer Butter Masala (RM14)


They have 2 cool taps! Gotta check it out yourself! It isn’t connected to anything, but water flows.. Wonder how. It’s so obvious actually. (:


The best dessert, my whole family loved it.


The other desserts you could have. I ain’t an expert for Indian dessert but I have sources telling me this place has the best sweets-man.


TRISHNA (pork-free)

15-17, Block A, Damansara Intan
Jalan SS20/27
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: 012-382 0412

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  1. ah! the tap,same as the Syabas’s one at MRR2,
    water flows into the tap in a transparent tube and comes down on the outer of the tube,
    Wah! you really can eat!

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