Iranian Food @ Taktaz, South City, Puchong

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Oh yay. (: I went to Nuffnang office last Friday to pick up my Sloggi winnings. I won the grand prize! 😀 Link


Nuffnang office looks so comfy. (With the most striking orange coloured walls!) You even have to take your shoes off first. Cool eh?

Okay, back to important topic. (: IRANIAN FOOD! First, I wanna tell you guys this, it’s healthy food. Really. This is my second time here. First time was back in 2008. Link Of course, with the most horrible pictures. ): I improved a lot kays..



The owner and her daughter at the new Iranian ‘lounge’. This is where most people enjoy their shisha comfortably.


Him, making pizza.


Since they renovated, they have really decorated the place well.


Shisha (RM8)


Iranian Traditional Mint Tea (RM5.90)

The right way to drink the tea (If you don’t wanna be embarrassed. Kidding!)

  1. Pour yourself a cup of tea.
  2. Pop a sugar cube into your mouth. (Yes. Just do it.)
  3. Sip the tea. (It’s hot, of course.)

That’s the way. (:


Barbican Non-Alcoholic Beers. (RM3.50)
This one is peach. They have other flavours like strawberry, apple, pineapple, malt, and black (real beer taste, made from pure barley)


Lamb and Mushroom Pizza (Before going into the oven) (M: RM12, L: RM17)
Just looking at it, we all know how much cheese that is.



Shirazi Salad (Popular Item) (RM3.50)
Diced tomato, cucumber, onion and special home made sauce


Mix Kebab (M: RM16.90 L: RM19.90)
I find the lamb kebab a little funny. I prefer the chicken one much more. Especially with a lil’ lime on it. See the butter? You could spread it on your kebab, or like most people, on their rice. I tried it both. Both taste fabulous.


Lamb Koobide Kebab (M: RM11.90 L: RM14.90)
The same lamb kebab as the one in the Mix Kebab.


Barley Soup (RM5)
This was the best dish of them all. It tastes a little like porridge, but a little savory and sour. It’s really really nice. You have to try this! It’s a must!


Taktaz Iranian Restaurant

Taman Persiaran Serdang Perdana,Seri Kembangan,
(Opposite of South City Plaza)
43300 selangor.

Tel: 03-89413364

Nang it!


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