My Dream Story of Success

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Have you ever asked what are we doing on this very planet we call Earth? What do we live for and who do we do it for? Religionists believe we have been given life on this beautiful earth as a gift from God to his creation. Realists however believe we are just a form of evolution and the essence of the survival of the fittest.

What I think is, no matter whom we are, we long for the same thing – happiness, love, luxury and every other materialistic form in this world. When we have achieved all of those, then we are called to be a success.

Success equals to our dreams and is derived from hard work and determination. To turn our dreams into reality, we have to find out what we are fully capable of.  Making use of our knowledge and attributes in our lives will make the planet a better place. Hence, a better life for us and achieve success. Being a success would be the ultimate stage of our lives don’t you think?

Everyone starts to strive for success by starting off with a simple dream. I’ll share with you my dream that is bound to be reality.

First off, being so exposed to the world, I’ve grown to have many interests and hobbies.



Photography is my deepest passion.


Food reviews the second one cause of 2 things – I get to photograph food and learn more on our world’s food culture.


I love doing photo-manipulation and photo-editing with my Photoshop.
I love blogging and sharing things with the world too!

family outing 062

My 2 cousins and me in the middle
I love playing with kids.

And, I secretly enjoy playing video games. 😀

But the 3 things that I love most are children, photography and blogging.

Last year, all I thought of was to enroll myself into a Mass Communications course and be a PR manager because I’m just an average student. That kind of thinking, I know now, is shallow.

Over one Chinese New Year, being with my relatives and many, many young cousins/nieces/nephews, I found out I grew to love being around children. They are free souls that can absorb any teaching and have nothing much to worry about. (Except when their toys get spoilt, they’d need to think of ways to bug their parents to buy new ones.) But you see, I realized children seemed attached to me too. They would remember who I am and enjoy my company. They want me to play with them and teach them. I felt connected to children and I was the middle person between their parents and them. (Although, many people would think that’s because I’m still considered a kid since I’m only 17.


I want to major in something that involves the study of children behavior. A kindergarten teacher was my initial thought. However it came to me that being a teacher will not lead me to my true passion and success. I dug deeper and found out that there is a job that will fulfill my dreams. A child psychologist.

Straight away, I’ve got everything planned out now.

  1. Apply for a psychology course and study like mad. Literally.
  2. Major in Child Psychology.
  3. Work as a child psychologist for a few years and stay thrifty and frugal.
  4. About 30+ years old, I would probably be married with cute kiddies of my own. Well, in order to have well brought up kids, I cannot be a workaholic and spend time with my kids to make sure they have the best childhood lives. So, goodbye child psychologist career (Hopefully, I won’t miss it.)
  5. I would be quite free then, with just my kids around me. I would do the things I love most. So I’d say hello to my new part time jobs – Photographer/Blogger
  6. Of course I would miss the children-related career, so I intend to open a child care center after that.


Now, you’d probably be thinking, ‘oh, what a naïve girl! She thinks she can be the most successful person with those 6 steps.’ Nope, I’m telling you, this is the way I want to succeed in life. I don’t have to prove to people that I’m successful by being a billionaire. I would be successful because I would have had a great career, found true love, spent time doing my hobbies which would earn me money and make me happy. With all that, I have achieved my dreams and success. I would be satisfied with my life. (:


You are supposed to look for the puzzle pieces of your life. Not wait for it.



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