A lil Update.

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Hello world. Gonna update a little on myself today.. This week it’s been hectic. It’s library week. I didn’t really do much for the library.. I’d prefer calling it supervising. Teehee. Well, I felt bad .. But oh, well. It ends tomorrow. I shall make it up to them by helping them clean up tomorrow. 😀

Anyway, other than library week, form 5s had to do some scholarship thing for ourselves.. Pn. Catherine came to our class few days ago to brief us about it. I didn’t really do much. Didn’t even get a teacher to sign my recommendation letter. So, gave up. Not applying for scholarship! Other than school, everything’s cool. Gotta study for my upcoming exams in few weeks and prepare for my career day next week! I’ve got so much to ask and do! I still cannot decide what I wanna do after SPM. Wondering, any suggestions? Well, I love children, I love photography. 2 years ago, my counseling teacher said I had the Event Organiser face. Thought about child psychiatrist, now I’m not too sure anymore. Thinking of the event organiser again. Maybe I should really get on with it? I don’t know. ): Help me out!


The launching of library week. Theme: Rewind.
I was very very far away.. Mind the heads and photographers.. I was too lazy to move 50m front. Heh. But, ain’t they cute? They are all being hippy and showing the peace signs. Including our 3 guests on the right.


The war zone in the library. Cool eh? They have real Japanese and Malaya actors! 😀


Hanging Gardens of Babylon. They had about 6 of the wonders of the world displayed in the library. All of our hard work. 😀


The stone hedge.


The APD room. This is where the fun and food is.


They even sell these cute ladybug chocolates!


I just love this effect. SO COOL! It’s the president, Anlie for the library week by the way. (:


This is the vice president, Shau Wei. The funny, crazy, and gosh.. He’s so sporting. And helped the library a lot. (:


Cindy and I got bored.. And we were in total darkness most times. Due to the mysterious rewind thing. This is cool right! You’d never guess that it’s a TV screen. 😀


This is the hole in our library roof.


Physics experiment Miss Liang showed us. She’s the funniest teacher. (:


This is Pei Ling. (Hope I spelled that right.) She’s quite adorable, and often seen in the library these days.. I wonder why.


Well, I have no comment for this.


Then there is Alex, one of our famous real live-moving-robotic-wax figurine. Sad part – everyone either teases or bullies him. Fun part – he doesn’t mind!


Haider. He was one of the Malaya actors. I think. Tryna act sad.


Back in class, was just playing around with my camera while waiting for my teacher to come. Nothing much now.



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