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Do you take constantly try to snap your own photographs of your kids, little nephews, cousins etc? Isn’t it hard?They just don’t seem to be able to keep still.

No? I don’t have a really stunning photograph of kids. Never. They move too much. ):

Well, I ain’t here to talk about how to photograph kids.

I’m talking to you about The Picture Company! 😀 Your ultimate hangout spot to photograph your kids and mark the milestones of their growing up. 😀


Currently, there are 2 outlets. One in One Utama and one in The Gardens.


Well, last Sunday, mum and I decided to check it out cause we had a complimentary ticket for a picture… Might as well. We’d never done this sort of thing and we were like so, so nervous.

We didn’t know what to expect either. Would they do our make-up? Do they have costumes we could borrow?

Anyway, just to play safe, we decided to bring some of our own.


When we arrived at The Picture Company in The Gardens Mall, we found a bright, colourful and happy atmosphere. And that included the staff.

They had many album samples of photographs that were taken by them.


There were 2 staff there when we arrived (on reservation) – Zen and Reza. As you can see, they are happy, cheerful types who put customers at ease.


They were really friendly happy people. They greeted and attended us immediately. Really.

Well, they thought it would be fun we did a few shots with a white background for fun shots and black background for more formal shots. Zen was our photographer. 😀


We had loads of pictures taken, but I’ll only show you two. 😀 They are really lovely photographs.


She really captured the moments and made us feel so comfy and not awkward at all. 😀



Here’s some of their baby photographs.




Well, The Picture Company specializes in baby and family photographs, but they do photography of all types,  good photographs of couples and groups too!

The Picture Company

Tel: 03-77251918 (One Utama)
03-22841918 (Gardens)


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