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Hello world.
My class gotta do a performance for Speaker’s Corner this Monday. Wish us all good luck. 😀
I’m gonna turn 18 in less than a year and I still have no idea what I wanna major in. ): This is getting seriousss.
SPM is coming, so I wouldn’t be updating my blog very often now, so, do keep visiting regularly (and click on my ads, hint, hint!)
So, since I ain’t gonna blog thaaaat often, I’m gonna keep you happy with a few of my favourite photographs taken by me.
Don’t worry though, I would still visit your blogs . I just don’t have enough time to create a pretty post. ):
Do visit my tumblr blog though! I update that one almost everyday! (;
Love you guys! (:


This bouquet of flowers have been sitting at my house for 2 years now, it still looks the same. They’re real flowers yo! 😀


Taken in the car while going to KLCC. The overhead highways have gorgeous plants that makes a great silhouette.


White Chrysanthemum.


Hope Ring.


At Chilling Waterfall, Fraser’s Hill


Butterfly, at Chilling Waterfall, Fraser’s Hill


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