Fallen Sick

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Hello world, how are you guys? As for me, I’ve been having a sore throat lately. ): So sad. Anyway, how was MTV World Stage? OMG, I wished I went .. Oh yeah, http://innit.nuffnang.com/ changed their layout! It’s so pretty and cool now! Although, hard to get used to , for now. 😀 OMG, I’m totally lovin’ it!!

Anyway, Friday was Guan Yin’s birthday. Well, I always dread when it comes to this (I feel so bad, but yeah) because I’d go vegetarian for the day. BUT, going to restaurants , they would serve fake meat and all.. Which really taste terrible. And for lunch, I had to eat alone, so bought myself a Vegetarian Curry Flavoured Mamee Sllrrrp instant noodles. OMG, it totally saved my day. My mum buys the asam laksa and curry flavour all the time! That’s cause I loveee asam laksa, and it’s kinda hard to make at home, so instant noodles are like, just great! Takes only 2 minutes. Plus! It taste so, so good. 😀 I always add prawn paste, sliced onions and cucumber to my asam laksa instant noodles. How do you improvise your instant noodles?


OMG. Trials are coming.


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