Case of The Mysterious Blonde. (Part One)

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tumblr_l7wvtmEQBX1qcqs1yo1_500I ignored the lipstick stain on the sleeve of my off-white, empire cut chiffon cocktail dress hanging on the vintage chair in my room. It looked like my crimson red lipstick. Without doubt it must have been from one of the dancers at last night’s party.

It was already mid morning when I woke up.  Sleepily, I took a long look at the cute blonde girl I hooked up with last night. She had long straight blonde hair which kind of looked like mine. While staring at her in adoration, I replayed our fling last night in my mind. We had a few drinks in my room and listened to Late Night Alumni while we cuddled and shared secrets. Late Night Alumni was the perfect choice as they had the sexiest jazz music ever. We were both having so much fun.

“Close my eyes. You still be here with me. Close my eyes. The sunrise comes too soon..” we sang together.

This blonde was really beautiful and had such a lovely mysterious voice. She was wild and so much fun! We had so much in common too! Oh well, it’s time for her to leave as I was done with her. I did not want any strings attached because if anyone found out, my reputation will stink and my dreams of being the world’s top supermodel will never happen! I really wanted to be like Naomi Campbell mix Miranda Kerr!

Well, the thing was, I was being very adventurous. I wanted so badly to know what it was like to have a homosexual relationship! So the night before, I went to a gay party at Club Perspire.

Hush, nobody was to know about it but boy, it was such an experience!

‘Oh I can see now that all of these clouds are following me and my desperate endeavour and to find my whoever. Wherever she may be..’

Startled, I quickly turned off my alarm clock and woke the darling blonde up. I handed over her electric blue butterfly dress and told her to scram. I was a little rude and grouchy with a hint of fear inside me. I was afraid my roommate would see this Blondie dressed only her knickers. When I told her to scram, she gave me a long glare.

“Curses! Curse you! And to think we could have had a chance together! Curses!” she swore.

She snatched her dress from me, put it on and grabbed her small polka dotted purse. She headed for the front door. I felt bad about having been so rude, so I took out some cash and opened the door for her.

I handed her the money and said sorry but she spat at me. Yes, she spat and threw the money back to me. I went bonkers and pushed her out of the house. I slammed the door me and locked it. I stood there for a minute trying hard to recall the Blondie’s name.

“Annabelle, no. Indiana, no. Oh, whatever. I shall name her Blue Blonde and BB for short!”


Giggling at my small pathetic joke, I turned on the radio and headed for the bathroom. A nice hot shower was exactly what I needed. Singing to the beats of Flo Rida’s latest sing

le, I wrapped myself in a towel, did a little dance and went to get changed. One great thing about the flat was that it was newly renovated and had a really cool wooden walk-in closet between my room and my roommate’s. I guessed the previous owner was real vain and probably had a Mercedes in the garage and 20 pairs of Jimmy Choos and Louboutins. Well, there was a huge shoe cupboard in the corner of the closet. I picked an oversized white pr

inted T-shirt and black leggings and hastily wore them. Then I sat down at the dresser to comb my straight platinum blonde mane and to apply light make up.

There was plenty of time before my casting at Venetia Co. at 4pm that day, so I decided to walk to Palm Court Country Club. I put on my favourite gladiator shoes and turned on my iPod and plugged the earphones into my ears. I planned my agenda for the day while singing to the beautifully written lyrics by Secondhand Serenade. Darn, I was such a sucker for sentimental music and was so good at multi-tasking.

“Hmm.. Take a look at me so you can see how beautiful you are. You called me a stranger, you said I’m a danger. But all these thoughts are leaving you tonight..”

So this was the schedule: Lunch with Natalie and Katz, shopping, model casting, shooting at the VIP Beach and a hot date with Alex. Satisfied with my organisational skills, I continued my journey to Palm Court Country Club when, from the corner of my eye, I saw a familiar blonde haired figure walking the same direction as me at the other side of the road…

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