Case of The Mysterious Blonde. (Part Three)

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tumblr_l9gc423KyS1qbfug4o1_500I almost died laughing. It must be a joke and it must have been sent to the wrong person. But oddly, it was signed B.B. at the end of the message. Funny, it fits the initials of Blue Blonde. But she couldn’t have known my nickname for her – Blue Blonde.

From inside the taxi, I watched Blue Blonde walk away.

“HAH! Run away now, Blue Blonde! I will not be a lesbian!” I said loudly.

“Excuse me, miss. Where to?” said the taxi driver with an Indian accent.

“Sorry. Venetia Co., please.”

The taxi driver gave me a frown before he pulled away from the kerb. Well, I suppose he thought I was crazy to be shouting at someone when nobody but only he and I could hear.

The casting was a huge success. I, Amber Clarke, would be the lead model in the most glamorous shoot in Miami for Vogue magazine. I was so excited!

At the shooting in VIP beach, I could not resist boasting a little, so I told my co-workers about me going to be in Vogue. They were all screaming in excitement and congratulating me. I could tell by their faces that they were all so envious! Indeed, I felt the pride.

Suddenly, I saw Blue Blonde standing next to a coconut tree with her arms folded, wearing a look that resembled that on my baby sister’s face when she was told she had to put away her Barbie dolls and go to bed instead.

I ignored it once again and went to the warm sea water and did my photo shoot. Joshua, the photographer was an excellent photographer. He always captured the moments and was great at communicating with the models.

Later that evening, Alex picked me up from my flat for dinner at Tidal Wave Restaurant. I was in my new maxi dress with stacked metallic bangles on my wrist and dangling feather earrings. I held on tightly to Alex’s arms as we walked into the restaurant. This was our second date and I was still pretty excited.

“You smell lovely, Amber”, whispered Alex when we walked into Tidal Wave. My new perfume, Orange by Hugo Boss worked! I wanted to jump up and down and run around in circles. Well, I had a body of a skinny model, but I was still a little kid at heart. I was already thankful that that was going to keep me young in the future.

Alex was such charming gentleman with a dirty blonde Zac Effron hairstyle and the cutest dimples. If any girl met Alex, she would be head over heels… instantly! Lesbians would even turn straight if they ever met Alex! That was if they had the chance to be in his penthouse watching Alex work out. He has the sexiest washboard accompanied with toned biceps and triceps. Oh, how it tingled when I thought about it!

What a lovely dinner we had. And getting to know each other was the best part. Oh, did I tell you that Tidal Wave served the most delicious Crème Brule? Oh! And they had a great taste in music too! They had 2 local bands playing that night called All Time Low and Carolina Liar. They were my among my favourite bands! Alex knew that and took me here on purpose! I was so fortunate to even get to be in the same restaurant as them! I bought their albums and got signatures. Alex was so thoughtful! Anyway, after all the best parts, we walked out of Tidal Wave and towards the nearby park. We sat on the freshly mowed grass and talked some more.tumblr_la2fqm6bAK1qbpp7eo1_500

He had love written all over his face and out of nowhere, he gave me the most passionate kiss. I felt adrenaline rush through every part of my body while a familiar song started to play in my head. It went like this ‘Is it over now, hey? It’s not over now? I wanna be your last first kiss.’ Ah, Inevitable, sang by Anberlin.  I loved that band so much.

After eternity, we pulled away reluctantly from each other.

Softly, he whispered to me by my ear, ‘Would you be my girlfriend?’

If this was the curse the blonde girl was telling me about, it must be the best curse ever! My body was tingling with excitement, my stomach was filled with butterflies and I was pretty nervous. I wanted to think but my mind was blank and I found myself saying “yes, yes” immediately. Alex was my first sweetheart! I was so excited!

“You’re blushing,” he said.

“So are you!” I said, giggling.

Well, though I was gorgeous looking and also Miss Popular back in college, I had never agreed to be anyone’s love before this. Nobody but Alex fitted my ideal boyfriend image of a matured, smart and sexy gentleman.

Alex drove me home and held the car door open for me. He gave me another long passionate kiss before we parted and asked me to attend another charity party with him.

Excited and already missing him, I hugged him goodbye. Something made me look up and horrors, I saw Blue Blonde staring at me from a distance.

This was too much. BB sure knew how to get on my nerves.  I thought to myself, as soon as Alex drives off, I would go over, slap her and demand that she leave me alone. But I did not want my first boyfriend to think I love having cat fights with random strange people.

After my awesome-lovely-sweet-cute new boyfriend left, Blue Blonde came up to me. I was ready to slap her face when she gestured me to wait first.

I yelled, “What do you want from me?”

“Wait! I just wanted to say goodbye. I will stay hidden in the back of your mind,” she said.

I yelled again, “Get lost! If I ever see you again, I swear I will..”

“I get it, okay? You turned me down and it will be over. You have Ben already. Club Perspire and I will be gone. I promise!”

“How did you..” I said. I was so puzzled. How did she know Ben’s name? I did not tell me anything about Ben. Maybe I was drunk that night.

She interrupted my thoughts and said, “I know many things about you that you don’t wish to know. So, goodbye Ambz. I’ll be gone. Forget me and Club Perspire.”

“I obviously will! I do not wish to have anything to do with you, Miss.. Miss..”

“Natasha is the name. A.K.A. Blue Blonde.”

She turned and walked away. How did she know I nick named her Blue Blonde! Then to my shock, I saw that she was wearing the same maxi dress as I was wearing and a similar pair of black and silver peep-toe heels. She even had her hair tied into a neat French twist, held with a silver clip with strands of stray hair at the sides of her face. Just like mine.

Actually, I was startled to see she looked like me. She was me! Down to the high cheekbones and the tall lanky body. But whoever or whatever she was, that was the last I saw of her. She was out of my life and gone for good. But this was definitely a chapter of my life that I would never forget.

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