Da On, Pavilion, KL

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Ever tried fine Korean Cuisine? 😀 Hey, peeps. I’ve been busy for a while.. I have one more week of trials! Wish me luck! (: Biology 3 tomorrow. OMG. Anyway, back to the restaurant, it’s gorgeously huge with an urban interior. Well, most places would be colourful and traditionally decorated but this is fine dining, people! Da On has a modern look with hidden Korean symbols. Yep, it’ll be tough to find it. You will notice that you needa climb 2-3 steps at the entrance. Well, there’s a secret to that. They have built special devices to make you buy all of their dishes!                                          JOKE. Actually, they built special suction system to make sure you will leave the restaurant still smelling good. We often relate Korean food to kimchi and barbeque you see. So They had to do something to keep the smoke away as it is a fine dine restaurant. 😀

Anyway, the food is quite expensive especially if you order the expensive things.. Like the wagyu beef. D: Ooh, and they have a special dessert that none other in Malaysia (so far) has! I’ll tell you about that later. Let’s get to the pictures, shall we?


Those are the many side dishes offered by Da On, with the wagyu beef in the middle.






See how huge the prawns are!



Even the mushrooms look huge. I feel like Alice in Wonderland.




In layman’s term, beef sashimi with raw egg yolk and pear.



Charcoal Ice Cream. Heyyy.. I’m not kidding here! It’s getting popular that charcoal helps to improve our lives. In many ways..


What’s this you may ask? KIM CHI ICE CREAM! It sounds odd, taste odd (to me) but it’s the most popular dessert in Da On. Try it once at least. Don’t like it, ditch it. But you may like it. I’m serious here. 😀

Da On,
Level 6,
Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

Tel. : 03-21412100 or 03-21413100

Nang it!


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