Hello, world. I’m Khoo Su Ting. If you googled my full name, you would probably find a whole page or two about me. Of that, I am very proud of. I’m a Cancerian whose born in July year 1993. I’m a Chinese but not just any Chinese because I’m a quarter of Sin Ning, a quarter Teow Chew and half Hokkien. But what I like to call myself, is a Malaysian. An 18 year old Malaysian whose about to unfold a new chapter of her life this year. I cannot tell you about my future life yet, but what I can do, is to tell you what I have done for the pass few years.

For 6 years I studied in a Chinese school and for 5 years in the government secondary school. I’ve learnt a lot of ways to face tough situations and to manage my life better. I am still learning it, but for now, I think I’m doing just great. I am not the brightest bulb in class but I do really well in subjects I love which is English and Chemistry. In school, I was a librarian and I learnt how to wrap books perfectly and know the dewy system well. It was not the best job there but it was great fun among the librarians. I even achieved the Vice President post. Besides that, I have been involved with Scouts for 2 years. I had wonderful time in all the camps hosted by Scouts 73rd Petaling. Of course, due to my participation and personality, for the second year, I have been chosen to be an Assistant Patrol Leader. Best part was, my Patrol Leader was my best friend. We worked so hard, we made sure our patrol was the best. We made sure they were so good, and our efforts paid off when we won Best Patrol, Best PL and Best APL Awards for one camp. It was really great fun. By the way, if you don’t know what a patrol is, it’s like a team, or a group. As you can tell, I’m always chosen to be an assistant, never the leader. That is because I build the backbone of the group, I am the softer and more approachable side of the leader. It’s like Yin and Yang , you see. The must be a balance between the leader and the assistant. Other than that, I really take care of the people who I work with.


Since 2007, I started blogging and have been using the same name for my blog for almost 6 years now. Well if you’re curious about why I chose this name, I am told that I sneeze like a hamster and well, I was quite careless. The little just gave a better ring to it. Come to think of it, which hamster sneezes? It was only about 2 years ago when I started having my own domain. Which was great as I can do way more things with the premium advantages by WordPress like learning to add in my own widgets, knowing the basic things about html etc. In my blog when I first started, I poured out all my emotions. Which shows that I wear my heart on my sleeve. But I started to realize it’s not a good thing to let the world know about my deepest fear, or what I felt over certain situations, so slowly, I started putting more pictures and lesser words.

The photographs on my blog are mostly taken by me. Influenced by a few friends of mine, I started photography in year 2008.  Since then I started putting them on my blog so people could comment and criticsize them so i could improve. Of course, I don’t just take pictures of myself but I take more pictures of food and macro shots. I was so into photography, I made a promise to myself to earn some money and  buy myself a dslr. Well, I achieved that now and hoping to widen my knowledge on photography and be the best of the best. I think far and I really hope I would succeed in life. I’m a very determined girl!


So if you’re wondering, how on Earth did this young naive girl  earned a few thousand ringgits to buy a dslr? Work of course! Well, in year 2009, I started following my mother to her food reviews more often to take photograhs. At first, it was just for leisure and putting them on my blog. Then my mother started to use my photographs instead of the hassle of using office photographers. Well I did take most of the pictures for her food reviews . I’m known as a stringer, which means I am paid for every photograph that is printed in the Life & Times or Travel Times in NST. Most times, my mother’s articles accompanied by my photographs appear on Sundays. Oh, how I love this job! I really enjoy dining and learning about different food cultures. It really excites me and that’s one of the best moments of my life currently. I’ve been to so many restaurants, not only in Kl but overseas like Thailand and Singapore too! That is one of the unique facts about me as so far, I have not know anyone at my age that goes to food reviews as a regular basis. I work with my mother and we both learnt many many things that really keeps us strong and well bonded. Other than that, I have earned some moolah from Youthsays and Nuffnang. One of them is the Sloggi Love World Blogging Contest and I am very proud to say that I won the grand prize of RM2,000 cash and some vouchers. I have entered a few blog contest hosted by Youthsays as well.

Another unique thing about me is that I was a Niexter writer. Niexter is a 8 page pullout from News Straits Times that only started about 2 years ago. Writing for Niexter really improved my writing and I really gained knowledge that not many people would really Google them like what is Deloitte and their Islamic Banking is about, and how the India Ambassador’s wife celebrates her Deepavali back in India. Besides that, it really boosted my confidence and yippee for me, I am one angle more different than the rest at my age.


That’s me with Jules from Fly FM.

Conclusion, I am almost like the Jack of All Trades. I love to do a lot of things, I want to do them everyday but I just don’t have the time! I have gained so much knowledge even at this age and still gaining. I’m so exposed to the world, it’s starting to scare me because it is the real world. But it’s the little details and the problems that gives the perfection to my life. I am willing to face any challenges.