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Look, you don’t need a passport to this Shanghai for great food; just head over to JW Marriott in Kuala Lumpur! ūüėÄ

All these are part of the Standard Chartered Bank’s Extravagant 8 menu priced at RM888++ per table of 8 for its credit card holders. From now till Jan 20 to Feb 17. And you get free fortune cookies!


Salmon and fresh scallop yee sang with chef Wong Wing Yeuk’s special Chinese mustard sauce



Double boiled soup with wantan dumplings, bamboo pith and dried scallops. Lovely change from the usual sharks fin soup


Sweet and sour fish  fillet with pine nuts. The fish meat is cut in such a way that, when deepfried, it bursts into a flower!


Deepfried golden tofu stuffed with foie gras and prawn paste


Braised Shanghainese pork with bamboo shoots and broccoli beautifully presented like the¬†Forbidden City. So yummy and tasty. The meat is braised for hours. Wong says the key to this dish¬†in using a super sharp knife to cut the meat and bamboo shoots into thin sliver.¬†Yet, amazingly, he manages to keep the structure of the “palace” standing


Imperial fried rice with prawns, crabmeat and egg


Shanghai’s signature Xiao loong bao with pastry skin that’s really thin and translucent


Panfried nian gao coated with nutty, aromatic sesame seeds


Glutinous rice cakes in sweetened broth with red dates and dried longan


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