Burberry Beauty Spring/Summer Collection 2011

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I had an effortless makeover session @ Burberry counter in KLCC today.

Excitement was written all over my face as it was my first makeup review ! (:


Sheer Liquid Foundation
I really like their sheer foundation. It gives you a real luminous and smooth complexion and besides, their range of sheer foundation are quite yellowish which suits Asian skin colour very much.
Besides that, their liquid foundation contains vitamin E to fight signs of ageing, hydrates your skin and has UV filters.


Sheer Eye Shadow
You don’t need to rub a few times to ensure the colour stays on your eyes. It’s so magical, you know? One swipe and it’s there on your skin. Very practical and good for my everyday use. Hehe. (:


Lip Cover
The checkers mark on the lipstick is so chic. (:


I like their product names. So lovely, so English.


Lip Glow
The container is shaped in such a way that you don’t waste the lip gloss. Smart thinking , no? 😀


Effortless Mascara (Only 1 colour, black is available. No fancy pants-y colours.)

Oohkay, time for pictures of my makeup session ! (:


The makeup artist , Christine Yap and the bare-faced Su Ting.


Foundation first.. (I know, I look pretty awful here.)


Applying sheer shadow


One of the rare occasions where I put on a horrible face and my mum happily snaps it. I look drop dead gorgeous here, no? 😀




Half way done and I already look prettier. 😀


Putting on Effortless Mascara.



and lastly, the lip cover and lip glow.


End product. 😀 More camwhore photographs at the bottom. (:

These were the makeup used on me .


Sheer Compact Foundation Trench #2 (8g , MYR180)


Sheer Liquid Foundation Trench #2 (30ml , MYR165)


Sheer Eye Shadow Tea Rose #11 (2.5g , MYR105)


Sheer Eye Shadow Midnight Plum #19 (2.5g , MYR105)


Light Glow (Blusher) Misty Blush #8 (7g , MYR140)


I am not really sure which one this is. She told me it was #22 but there are no such colour in the Burberry site. (3.8g , MYR96)


Lip Glow Nude Beige #9 (Top) (6ml , MYR89)
Lip Glow Tea Rose #5 (Bottom) (6ml , MYR89)


My mum doing her makeup session.



Aunty Alice’s session.


They really take their time to do your makeup so you don’t look like you did a 5 minute-in-a-rush makeup.


They also gave us a mini photovshoot session (With 1 A4 size chosen photograph! Yippee yay!)


Alan Yun joined us for tea @ Chinoz too ! He’s such a nice charming guy.





4 types of sandwiches. I liked the salmon one the most .


We had scones with cream. Yummy yummy.


The chocolate pudding in the cup was excellent and wonderful.


I like how their blusher defined my cheekbones. (: Love it so , so much.



This is effortless makeup. Ideal for everyday use, cheekbones enhanced, eyes beautified, lips glossed and overall, perfect . (:


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