Ode To Liberty

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HELLO ! It’s been what, 2 months? Oh my . I’mma do a really short post now .. To kick start my passion for blogging, again . (:

I’mma tell you about this awesome blog .


First click , I thought it was some US fashion website . But nohhhhh, it’s Malaysian. So professionally done . LIKE !¬†They also have their blog , http://blog.odetoliberty.com which has quite a number of interesting posts. Go check it out!


And the best part is their shop . http://www.odetoliberty.com/shop


*day dreams*

Warning though, their stuff aren’t cheap. Their items are classy , detailed and very unique . It’s like shopping in Pavilion but online . They have a wide range of items from clothes to shoes to bags. When you click on an item, it sends you to a page with the photograph where you can move the cursor around to take a closer view. And they included a few photos of the same item. Awesome!


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