The Monster Has Arrived !

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Bet most of you are dying to get your own Monster Beats by Dr. Dre headphones . (: Fret no more, as Monster has finally arrived  ! Now, they are launching a wide selection of headphones to cater to a wider market . Don’t that sound exciting ?

First off is the Harajuku Lovers range .


If you like it naughty and wicked , try their Wicked Style earphones . You can choose from 5 different clip-on characters – Love, Angel, Music, and Baby . (Reminds me of  Gwen Stefani’s album, L.A.M.B.)


Or are you into cute stuff ? How about trying their Super Kawaii earphones !


Space Age , Super Kawaii and Wicked Style


Next up is the Miles Davis Trumpet earphones . This looks so classic and classy . It’s friggin’ gold ! 😀


special magnifier that
allows users to better see the miniature laser-etched Miles Davis signature and Monster logo on the trumpet


They even provide a special magnifier that allows you to see the miniature laser-etched Miles Davis signature and Monster logo on the trumpet housing ! Ain’t that cool ?

Monster iSport Headphones

Okay, I saved the best surprise for now . Jeng , jeng , jeng … The Monster iSport Immersion ! (Sorry, no ultra futuristic name like, Monster G400 BDD or something .)
If you’re the kind who works out while listening to music, this is a must have !
Reason why is that this particular earphones are washable ! After a sweaty work out , your earphones would get sticky and icky , so what do you do ? Toss them in the the washing machine along with your clothes, dry it and you’re good to go again ! (:
Quick, put it in your wish list !


The club was packed with the media !

Here are some pictures from their model catwalk . 😀







And the celebs .


JJ and Ean


Now, don’t they look happy with their headphones ? 😀


They all obviously do !



With Zoey Rahman


With Zoey Rahman and William San


With Jj and Ean


Let’s see what I’ve got here . Hmm , heartbeats by Lady Gaga . (: Yummy . Let’s open it up, shall we ?







Of course, there are many more different headphones that are suitable for businessmen , gamers.. Go, go , go check ’em out !

Monster Cable

You can get your monster headphones at
Switch, Technocrats, EpiCentre, Flash Gadget, HN, iPeople, Machines, Optiprimus, Rock Corner and V Max Cellular


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