Hair Chalking 101 !

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Hello ! So , everyone’s into hair chalking lately , and I really want to show a tutorial on how it works on dark hair ! Hair chalking was introduced to me by a really good friend of mine, Michelle and we both got excited, and shared a box of soft pastel as shown below .


This one only has 12 colours , not many to choose from (Not even purple! Boohoo) , but we wanted to test it out before we regret . It costs about RM15 and you can buy it from bookstores like MPH and Popular . A hint on where to find it is to go to where the artists would go to – The art section ! The place where you can find paintbrushes and stuff .. Yeah, somewhere there you’re bound to find boxes that looks like this one above .


There, inside there are 12 colours .. For this box, it’s about the size of your index finger . The one above is broken into 2 because I shared the other half with Michelle . I thank her so so much for this trend cause I really loveeeee ombre hair , and dyeing the ends of my hair !

Okay, this is what you need .

Soft pastel/water-based crayon
Hair !
Hairdryer / Haircurler / Hair straightener
Gloves (Optional)

You can really opt for gloves if you haev perfect manicures and you don’t want to get any kind of possible stains . I don’t , so I won’t be using gloves in this tutorial .
First, grab a small strand of hair, tie the rest of your hair up , so you don’t get them coloured by accident .


Wet the chalk . I like to leave a droplet of water on it cause it makes it so much easier to colour your hair . Another option is to wet your hair instead but it doesn’t exactly work for me .. You can try both ways and see which one works for you . (:


Next, you’re going to literally colour your hair ! Rub the chalk downwards , and you’ll see your hair colour changing !!! It’s a miracle ! 😛


Don’t get worried if you made a mess and get colour all over your hands because it’s perfectly fine , it’s normal ! Just use some soap and wash it off ! (:


Next , you needa dry it . Blow dry it , curl it , straighten it .. Anyhow you want . Just make sure you dry it properly or it’s gonna cause a lot of stain on your skin and clothes when in contact .


There you go ! That’s how it looks once done . It’s so cool, ain’t it ?


Don’t forget to clean it after you’ve used it because excessive chalk will come off and stick to your curler or straighter. (:


Look at how prominent the red is on dark hair . It’s vivid and stand out !


Testing out turquoise !


This was one of my favourites . I used 2 colours – red and blue . (Initially trying to make purple , but I ended up doing duo colors instead) . Be creative , do all sorts of styles ! (:
And just a tip , you might not want to comb your hair after you coloured it, or chalk will come off . Best is to leave it and don’t even touch it ! D: So , hair chalking is really great for curly hair , not so much on straight hair .. Hmm .. I put up some photos from the net below just to get your creative brain working . (:



And here’s a video of hair chalking which is really good ! (:


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