Crop Studio, Kuchai Lama

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Heyy ! On Wednesday, Michelle and I went to Crop Studio for our hair appointment . We bought a voucher from JackCow .. So off we go (AGAIN I DIDN’T CHECK FOURSQUARE BEFORE BUYING . ANGRY!) There weren’t any reviews on Crop Studio .. So I’mma do a short review for them .

Waiting patiently downstairs of the condo where Mich lives.

Chilled at her place awhile, and she added some bright colours to my daily makeup (Double winged eye liner)
Gradient of yellow to green bottom liner ! Love my makeup artist *mwah!

We’ve booked an appointment for 11.30am. At about 10am, they called us and asked if we could change our appointment time to 1pm as their staff has taken an emergency leave. So, left with no choice, we had our appointment at 1pm. The moment we entered and gave our names, we were seated already . Pretty fast .. Unlike most comments about this place, where they said customers had to wait about .. 1 hour? Maybe for walk in customers. From what I could observe, most of the customers that came in were seated almost immediately.

Funny, we read this review online, said that they didn’t serve water to the customers .. But they improved ! They serve CHINESE TEA NOW . HAH! Okay, that was lame .

Michelle with her faded red hair and black roots !! Sadly it’s not very obvious here .

Where I, have my already wavy and bad conditioned hair. Split ends and all ..

That’s roughly how the salon looks like.

Mich got a female hair dresser, whereas I got a guy . Goodness, I’m so paranoid with male hairdressers, really . 5 out of 6 ruined my hair . This one almost made me want to strangle him by just having a conversation with him .

I find that majority hair dressers in Malaysia only speak fluently in Cantonese/Mandarin. Sad . The way he spoke in English to me.. Goodness, it was nearly impossible to understand.

I explained I wanted hair relaxing . He kept using the term ‘hair rebonding’ . There’s such a huge difference between relaxing & rebonding , I wasn’t even sure if he understood what I meant .

Then, about the bleach ! OMG .I wanted to maintain my ombre hair, and bleach the ends of my hair again . He repeated and quoted a price at RM133! FOR THE ENDS ? So, I asked again . Slowly, this time . He said , RM133 for whole head (With a big smile on his face). RAWR !

Me: Okay, what if I just dye the ends of the hair? I don’t want to bleach already (Said it 4 times)
Male Hairdresser: So, it’ll be about.. RM180 if you want to dye the middle section and bleach the ends .


NEXT . Weirdest thing ever . I can’t believe I actually believed the guy . He told me, I can only do hair relaxing on my unbleached hair . I bleached it around March/April this year !! I checked online and they said it should be alright to relax it 2 months after bleaching ! So he did an inch from my roots and until where my bleached hair starts. Are you kiddin’ me ..

Treatment was RM65 (We got a whooping 50% Off from the voucher) . I felt so unsatisfied . The hair service I did in Penang (Hair relaxing and treatment) was only RM120 , with no vouchers. This one ? RM144 . Voucher and 50% off.  They didn’t even straighten my hair properly . Only used the iron , once . /: Oh well ..

I found the treatments here quite amusing though . Michelle had a big balloon on her head. Look !

Now she looks like one of those aliens from Men in Black or somethin’ .. :O

With that weird machine on my head, it’s pretty impossible to reach for my tea .

THAT’S PURPLE ?? Looks black to me ._. But she liked it .

We tried to take a photo under the sun … Still too dark to be able to see anythin’ .

This is the end product of mine . Look at the ends of my hair ! He really didn’t do relaxing on my bleached ends . PFT!

Looks exactly the same as what it used to be, but slightly straghter and shorter . Sien .

Oh well … /: What’s done is done . I’m gonna stick to FABULOUS Salon from now onwards . No more lousy ass vouchers . Why do they treat voucher customers so badly when they know it’s their opportunity to attract more customers?


MOF Japanese Cafe @ Sunway Pyramid

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My bro bought this coupon from WEBUY quite some time ago and today we finally had the time to go for it . So, my brother, mummy and I had our dinner in this .. Inviting looking cafe in Sunway Pyramid .

The coupon states that we would have 50% off the bill . 1 main course, 1 seaweed tofu with soup and 1 dessert for ONLY RM22.50. My bro bought 3 . Each for mum, me and himself.

As usual, I would check foursquare and read the tips left by foursquare users . OH MY , the amount of nasty tips.. Bad service, salty food, desserts too sweet .. Endless complaints ! Naturally, I got pretty unsure about the restaurant.

Anyway, we went in anyway, sat down and the waitress came with the menus. As we presented the vouchers, everything seemed fine , she took the coupon and the menu back and took a good 5 minute look at the coupon before presenting us a piece of photocopied paper which was the supposed menu for the voucher. I got quite annoyed at the fact that we couldn’t order our main course first and then think through what desserts we would like. She insisted, and slightly raising her voice to emphasis the fact that we HAVE to order it first as she wants to put it into the computer first. (I mean, CAN’T YOU KEEP THE PAPER, AND FILL IT IN LATER, THEN PUT IT IN THE COMP, BEFORE YOU PRESENT US THE BILL?)

SERVICE . Oh my god . I felt like strangling them SO BAD . The tiny waitress was loud . Fine . Acceptable, it’s alright . But gosh, she can’t stop flirting with her male colleague . Vice versa, whatever ! Another guy, would just irritate the hell out of me by repeatedly beating onto the furniture . Sayang, if you wanna be a drummer, please go to drum classes. Don’t do it in a restaurant . It’s SO ANNOYING AND DEFINITELY AIN’T PLEASANT TO LISTEN TO . And, oh my goodness , they couldn’t stop yelling ‘WOO!’ ‘OOOI’ for God knows what reason . They’re so, so childish . They kept playing pranks and joking around with each other while working . They passed the bill book by THROWING from 1 waiter to another . OMG . IF SHE DIDN’T CATCH IT .. It’s gonna hit the customer . AND THEN BOOM . DRAMA-RAMA !

Be friendly , fine . Be a lil’ playful fine . NOT CRAZILY NAUGHTY AND RUDE .

Okay, sorry ’bout that long ass complaint .. Moving on !

Chicken Teriyaki Mayo (RM18.90)
Can’t deny the fact that they use really good mayo ..

Chicken Katsu Special (RM16.90)
I’m not sure what’s so special about this, really . It’s just Katsu . And rice. And half an egg, salad and 2 pieces of watermelon . Sooooo special . Really .

Chicken Curry Special (RM18.90)
Chef’s Choice ?? Really?

Shiratama Kurian (RM13) 

Sesame Sundae (RM15)

Supreme Zenzai (RM17.90)

Summing up all the desserts – not my kinda thing . Maybe it’s yours , I don’t know .

In total, the whole bill would be about RM100 bucks without tax. With 50% off, it would be about RM60 max with tax. With the vouchers, we paid about RM68.70. WITH THEIR TERIBBLE SERVICE, IT’S SUPER DUPER NOT WORTH OUR TIME .

Besides, they had such confusing different kinds of sets, for me to calculate everything (Yeh, being prejudice and only calculating for this particular restaurant) , it would take me 10 frustrating minutes , which I totally do not want to waste .


My good classmates bought me a slice of cake each from Starbucks . 😀 How sweet of them, don’t you think ? (:


Confrefrie De La Chaine Des Rotisseurs – Bailliage De Malaisie Dinner

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Sometime last week, mummy told me about the annual Chaine dinner, and my eyes just sparkled . My face was just like this for the whole week. —>

Early this week, she handed me the lovely invitation card with my very own name printed on it!

My first ever Chaine dinner was at Equatorial Hotel Kuala Lumpur where the members had one last dinner together at The Chalet, before the hotel closed for renovations. This one would be my first time attending the annual Chaine dinner at the KL Convention Center.

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At about 6.10pm, mum and I were ready to leave the house . It was still slightly drizzling , I was praying so, so hard that the roads will be clear. But no such luck as it was in KLCC. We were stuck in heavy traffic at various places for over an hour. Thankfully, everyone else was also caught in the  jam, the event had to start slightly later than expected.

For pre-dinner drinks, we sipped a gorgeous champagne and nibbled hors d’oeuvres. Mum and I couldn’t stop having more of one or two of the miniature sandwiches made of slivers of multi grain bread and truffle mushrooms. Love-ley .

At about 8pm, we were finally seated. First thing served – BREAD! Of course, I thought it would be just buns and butter. But NO! We had three breads to choose from and three types of butter – plain, capsicum and truffle butter embedded with salt crystals. I swear, this is the first time I had one and a half pieces of bread and I almost finished the whole cup of truffle butter . (FAT FAT FAT)

Amuse Bouche (Kumamoto oyster pearl)
Award-winning Executive Chef Richmond Lim told us to pop  the kumamoto oyster pearl whole in our mouth and as we chew, we’d be able to taste the freshness of the oyster. Goodness, he’s so right. Obediently, I put the whole thing into my mouth and with lips sealed together, slowly chewed on it. Heavenly! It’s felt fresher than the freshest oysters! So refreshing, so appetizing.  Can you imagine that? Especially when the roe burst as I bit into it, I did a little dance in my head. Mum described this as the absolutely sensual. I couldn’t agree more. (:

Mummy placed her portion next to mine for photogr-aphy. Can you see the oyster in that egg-shaped jello?  that’s kitchen artistry at work!

Duo Flavoured Wild Tasmanian Salmon Tartar with shaved summer truffle
The addition of edible flowers also made the dish so colourful.
Salmon tartar made from air-flown fresh salmon that arrived that very morning itself, mixed with smoked salmon. On top of it are two slices of scallops. And on top of that, 2 pieces of sweet juicy lobster ! Dinner just gets better and more interesting with each course. I couldn’t wait to see what’s next.

Crustacean Smoke Consommé with lobster ravioli
I find the ravioli skin a lil’ too thick for my liking, but that’s the way it’s served. Chef Richmond was so adorable. He told us he had  added some muscles in it for us to chew on, and yes it was lovely to have a little something to chew on besides the ravioli.

The waiter placed the bowl with ravioli and lobster in front of me and another waiter poured in hot, steaming consomme from a teapot.

Slow-Roasted Quail with figs and kumquat marmalade
This isn’t really my kinda thing .. It was really lovely though. Meat was slow roasted to perfection and beautifully tender.

Scottish King Scallop with urchin roe hollandaise
Chef Richmond was rather disappointed that he could not get the king scallops he promised in the menu, so he used Queen scallops instead. I found the the scallop a lil’ overcooked on the outside as it tasted rubbery. The inner parts were gorgeous. Perfect. The foam sauce and hollandaise tasted so, so good. But not many people would enjoy it as it has a pretty strong fishy  flavour from the beads of roe. I loved it though. 😛

Cheers to the CHAINE!


Ginger Flower Infused Pineapple and Basil Sherbet
I didn’t like the pineapple flavour in the sherbet though. I just don’t like  pineapples.

Australian Grain Fed Lamb served with wild mushroom risotto and Ratatouille
Ohaii there ! Tender pieces of lamb with the pinkiest center ! It’s also my first time having ratatouille, although there was only a bite-sized portion wrapped in the zucchini cup.

White Chocolate Cheese Mousse with champagne grapes and raspberry jello
I don’t quite fancy desserts .. I usually never finish dessert, actually . Even my mum was surprised that I cleaned my plate. That torque (chef hat)-shaped mousse is so gorgeous, I tell you. It was not extremely diabetic-ally sweet and it had a slight salty taste from the cheese. Just the way I’d love a good dessert. One of the Chaine members said that the mousse was so smooth, like a baby’s bottom! Imagine that now 😛

Datuk Dr Jagjit Singh Sambhi, National Bailli Délégué de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs and I after the lovely dinner.

“Ladies are very much like a good wine, they mature with age.”
Most memorable quote from the dinner.

Toodles !