Braggin’ bout League of Legends Scores

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Hey there, just wanted to brag a lil’.. I play League of Legends, and these are a few of my best games . My favourite champion is definitely Katarina. She’s a sneaky lil’ assassin which has the best set of skills ever. She throws knives, she can shunpo (blink) on targeted enemy and deals damage, or on allies to run away. Her ultimate could detect invisible champions! Oh gosh, she’s just so, so great . I can’t wait for Halloween month, so I could get her limited edition Kitty Katarina skin above ! ((:

One of my best Katarina scores. Currently, I’m using her High Command Skin. Leather and stuff, kinky . (;

This archer here is Ashe. I’m using her Amethyst skin.

I won this free Legendary Gentleman Cho’ Gath skin (30 days only) from the Garena League of Legends 1 Year Anniversary party. I don’t usually play him .. But holy, I was lucky as hell to get 4 kills with no deaths and assists ! Cool yo . (Y)

Meet Fiora , the grand Duelist . OP champion when it first came out. Don’t see people playing her often these days .. /:

Last but not least, my favourite support Champion , Soraka !
She’s a unicorn . (: But she looks like a human there due to the skin I bought. 😛
Well, she’s a hell of a support. With my Heal summoner spell, She would have in total of 3 Heal spells, a silence/regen mana spell and this awesome Star Call spell which reduces Magic Resist per skill used. Including with an exhaust Summoner spell, she’s complete. Perfect soul mate for any AD Carry champion. Best with those that consumes hell a lot of mana . ^^


Toodles. (:


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