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Heyy ! On Wednesday, Michelle and I went to Crop Studio for our hair appointment . We bought a voucher from JackCow .. So off we go (AGAIN I DIDN’T CHECK FOURSQUARE BEFORE BUYING . ANGRY!) There weren’t any reviews on Crop Studio .. So I’mma do a short review for them .

Waiting patiently downstairs of the condo where Mich lives.

Chilled at her place awhile, and she added some bright colours to my daily makeup (Double winged eye liner)
Gradient of yellow to green bottom liner ! Love my makeup artist *mwah!

We’ve booked an appointment for 11.30am. At about 10am, they called us and asked if we could change our appointment time to 1pm as their staff has taken an emergency leave. So, left with no choice, we had our appointment at 1pm. The moment we entered and gave our names, we were seated already . Pretty fast .. Unlike most comments about this place, where they said customers had to wait about .. 1 hour? Maybe for walk in customers. From what I could observe, most of the customers that came in were seated almost immediately.

Funny, we read this review online, said that they didn’t serve water to the customers .. But they improved ! They serve CHINESE TEA NOW . HAH! Okay, that was lame .

Michelle with her faded red hair and black roots !! Sadly it’s not very obvious here .

Where I, have my already wavy and bad conditioned hair. Split ends and all ..

That’s roughly how the salon looks like.

Mich got a female hair dresser, whereas I got a guy . Goodness, I’m so paranoid with male hairdressers, really . 5 out of 6 ruined my hair . This one almost made me want to strangle him by just having a conversation with him .

I find that majority hair dressers in Malaysia only speak fluently in Cantonese/Mandarin. Sad . The way he spoke in English to me.. Goodness, it was nearly impossible to understand.

I explained I wanted hair relaxing . He kept using the term ‘hair rebonding’ . There’s such a huge difference between relaxing & rebonding , I wasn’t even sure if he understood what I meant .

Then, about the bleach ! OMG .I wanted to maintain my ombre hair, and bleach the ends of my hair again . He repeated and quoted a price at RM133! FOR THE ENDS ? So, I asked again . Slowly, this time . He said , RM133 for whole head (With a big smile on his face). RAWR !

Me: Okay, what if I just dye the ends of the hair? I don’t want to bleach already (Said it 4 times)
Male Hairdresser: So, it’ll be about.. RM180 if you want to dye the middle section and bleach the ends .


NEXT . Weirdest thing ever . I can’t believe I actually believed the guy . He told me, I can only do hair relaxing on my unbleached hair . I bleached it around March/April this year !! I checked online and they said it should be alright to relax it 2 months after bleaching ! So he did an inch from my roots and until where my bleached hair starts. Are you kiddin’ me ..

Treatment was RM65 (We got a whooping 50% Off from the voucher) . I felt so unsatisfied . The hair service I did in Penang (Hair relaxing and treatment) was only RM120 , with no vouchers. This one ? RM144 . Voucher and 50% off.  They didn’t even straighten my hair properly . Only used the iron , once . /: Oh well ..

I found the treatments here quite amusing though . Michelle had a big balloon on her head. Look !

Now she looks like one of those aliens from Men in Black or somethin’ .. :O

With that weird machine on my head, it’s pretty impossible to reach for my tea .

THAT’S PURPLE ?? Looks black to me ._. But she liked it .

We tried to take a photo under the sun … Still too dark to be able to see anythin’ .

This is the end product of mine . Look at the ends of my hair ! He really didn’t do relaxing on my bleached ends . PFT!

Looks exactly the same as what it used to be, but slightly straghter and shorter . Sien .

Oh well … /: What’s done is done . I’m gonna stick to FABULOUS Salon from now onwards . No more lousy ass vouchers . Why do they treat voucher customers so badly when they know it’s their opportunity to attract more customers?


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