Quick Lunch @ Kimchiharu, Jaya One

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Hey hey ! What’s up ? Class ended early for me today , so Mich and I went to Kimchiharu for lunch . It has been almost 8 months since we last visited this place . It’s still doing so well ! By 12pm it was already 3 quarters full ! We had a seat below the TV . And boy, we kept having this feeling there were people staring at us . But the girls were actually just ogling the K-Pop stars on TV . So perasan of us . But really, their eyes were just glued to the TV and jaws dropped down every time Big Bang or SISTAR’s music video is on.


Kimchi Jeon (RM5.80)
Michelle loved this so , so much . So do I ! It’s really delicious and better with the special chili sauce ! Although a little oily for my liking , it’s really yummy . Try it out ! 😀


Spicy Ramyun (RM10.70)
I took the noodles instead of the lunch set .. The lunch sets are at least RM20 ! Sorry, still a student with little $$$ ! Mich ordered the Pork Spicy Ramyun which costs RM1.50 more than mine . Not bad eh ? For RM1.50 you get a few slices of pork !
The noodles are like instant noodles but you can tell the difference that it taste so much better. You’d get what I mean when you try it ! The noodles are served in this little pot which is extremely hot ! Please do keep in mind not to touch the HANDLES . Twice, I touched it by accident and it almost sent me jumping out of my chair. Hence, the soup is really, really hot ! And because it’s so hot, it feels as if it’s extra spicy. But to be honest, any Malaysian can totally handle the soup . It’s so, so good .. *slurps*

Time to do my assignments ! Toodles . (:


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