Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie, Tropicana City Mall

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There’s a new Secret Recipe in Tropicana City Mall, and this outlet is a special one . Unique and extremely different from the other Secret Recipe outlets . It’s a vegetarian Secret Recipe ! Woohoo ! Time to put away our worries about where to go for a nice yummy vegetarian meal. This is definitely on my Vegetarian Restaurant list .

Mushroom on Toasted Bruschetta (RM9.9)
The bread is crispy on the outside and hot and soft inside, topped with juicy mushroom and peppers.

Fruits Salad with homemade rojak sauce (RM9.9)
I don’t usually eat rojak .. I almost never do .. But my mum was tempting me, she said the sauce was really good . So I did tried . I took the green looking objects of course , which was the cucumbers and kedondongs (Afraid and prejudice on pineapples) . And guess what, THE ROJAK SAUCE ROCKS ! So peanut-y and thick . Oh yummy ..

Rainbow organic Veggie Roll (RM7.9)
Beautifully done . It’s just so refreshing and topped with the pumpkin floss on top, it’s just so amazing.

So colourful ! Refreshing and very very yummy too . (:

Fragrant mahagony sauce tofu (RM16.9)
This is so addictive , I couldn’t stop taking more of the mushrooms and vegetarian crisps. There’s a slight hint of ginger and a little bit hot from the chili and black pepper.

Stir fried lion’s mane mushroom in spicy Portuguese sauce (RM18.9)

Sesame Spaghetti with bean curd roll cutlet (RM16.9)
The combination is so good . Besides, the snow peas and asparagus were so juicy, you can hear the crunch on every bite . I wished they chopped up the asparagus though , it’s a bit too long .

Pesto and Mushroom Pizza (S: RM16.9 , B:RM25.9) 

Jade Roll (RM16.9)
Carrot and celery wrapped in fu chok I believe ? It’s really nice to chew on . I’d definitely order this for tea time snacks .

Oyster Mushroom in Exotic Mango Sauce (RM18.9)
Shredded sour young mango (YUM), flavourful oyster mushrooms accompanied with grounded nuts . Heavenly .

Red Yeast Fried Rice (RM13.9)

Macadamia Cheese Cake
I love anything cheesy and this is just so gorgeous ! Except , I don’t like how the caramel on top overkilled the smooth plain cheese cake . I’m a sucker for plain stuff sometimes .. But it’s really nice . Especially for those who loveee caramel . (:

Pistachio Cream Cake
A very light cake , fluffy and creamy with bits of pistachio in between layers .

Chocolate Mocha
Nothing special , just like the ones you can get in the normal Secret Recipe .

The cakes in this particular Secret Recipe are eggless , so feel free to purchase them if you’re a vegetarian who love cakes ! (:

Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie
Tropicana City Mall

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