Burger Junkyard, The Strand, Kota Damansara

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A new burger joint just opened in KD !

They have different kinds of seats, so take your pick ! I like the round table the most cause it’s super unique and DIY ! The table is actually that thing where you roll big ropes/wire like the empty ones you see in Publika . As for the chairs, they’re wine boxes .
This place is so fun, everywhere you turn, you see something new .

Spot the mice ! Or rather .. Rats . HUGE PLUSH RATS . Their job is to be the order numbers . It’s so cute ._.

Gorgeous graffiti drawn on the walls .

Really makes you think about the word ‘Junkyard’, doesn’t it ? You feelin’ it ? Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

Moving on ..  Let’s start off with 2 of their meatless burgers .

Grilled Ratatouille (RM12.9)
It may not be the best looking burger, but it is pretty yummy ! Well, at least to me till my mum told me it consisted of a lot of aubergine/brinjal .. (゚ペ)
But it was really interesting . It didn’t really taste like how aubergine normally taste like – that slimy weird gooey icky taste … I’m cringing so hard while describing aubergine .
But I really like how all the flavours go together with the aubergine though, the capsicum, tomato concasse, onions and the zuchinni . AND THE CHEESE .

Pineapple Fungi (RM13.9)
BIG Portobello mushroom burger with pineapple, onions, tomatoes cheese, and aioli . The mushroom is really really big .. But if you leave it there for about a minute or two , the bun gets a lil’ soggy . Not that I really mind it . It just has more juice in the burger . Yum . But it gets boring if you keep biting on the parts where there’s no pineapple . When you get lucky and hit the pineapple , ahHhH .. Refreshed .

Buffalo Soldier (RM14.9)
This is my favourite chicken burger here among the ones we had .
Char-grilled chicken thigh burger with celery sticks, tomato, flavoured sour cream topped with steamed cheddar and buffalo hot sauce .
Well, it’s not HOT hot like how hot cili padi is but it’s hot enough to excite your taste buds . You just have to try it to feel it !

Brooklyn Burger (RM15.9)
Just by adding an extra ringgit, you can order this . You have a choice of beef or chicken , topped with smoked turkey ham, fried onion, grilled pineapple, tomato, onions, steamed cheese, aioli and beef bacon (You can opt to take it out and replace with more turkey ham like in the picture above) .
It’s a bit of a mouthful for me . I needed to flatten it a lil or else it wouldn’t fit my mouth . LOL . Overall , I think it’s just too much frustration to take this on . σ_σ

Last thing, TRY THEIR TOMATO SALSA , IT’S SOOOO GOOD .. And they promised to have better quality fries coming in soon , ones that still has its skin on . :3 Let’s hope it taste better than the ones at Wendys

Burger Junkyard

No. 16-g, Jalan PJU 5/20d, The Strand Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: 03-6143 4305
12-3pm for Lunch | 6-10pm for Dinner
Website: http://burgerjunkyard.blogspot.com/
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/BurgerJunkyard

Cash only , Pork Free


Hotel Majestic, Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin

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Today was my first visit to Hotel Majestic in KL. This place is such a beauty, I tell you .. I had a mini hotel tour, visiting the Smoking Room , Drawing Room, Orchid room , Screening room and the Barber ! This place is unique indeed .


They have this really cool barber . The oldest barber shop in the world is by Truefitt and Hill in London ! Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool , ain’t it ?

That’s Aras, the guy who manages the place . He has such good humour . Well, of course , I was just there to pose . not to get a hair cut . Or a shave :X

Orchid Room . It’s cooling, with a weird smell, but I can bear with the smell to sit in a room filled with so many different types of orchids ! They all bloomed so nicely ! Don’t you think ?

Drawing Room

It’s my mum’s favourite room of all because it’s so English . She’s a real anglophile .   We were here to sample their Christmas menu . It’s RM250++ without the wine pairing . Here’s a lil’ sneak peak of the food that will be served ! 😛

Pumpkin soup ? Chowder ? Hmm …



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Jane is back from Aussieee ! We went out to One Utama just to walk around a lil’.

Me n Jane . She’s so prettyyyy isn’t she ?

Say hello to panda . He’s so hugable and soft

So it’s Christmas season , and they have already put up the Christmas deco . So lovely, Candyland Christmas ! 😀

Lolipop matches my outfit :3

Best part was coming home to a package from US ! 😀 My sister bought me 2 lovely gifts which is the camera shaped jack plug accessory and a wide angle converter lens ! 😀

I’m a happy girl . :3