Kampachi, The Troika

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Have you guys seen the new Kampachi that was only recently opened at The Troika ? There is one at Pavilion, but that can’t be compared with this one .
This one is just so divine, so private and the best atmosphere, guys, hint hint . (;
But of course, Kampachi is a pretty high end place, so do remember to check your wallets before stepping in . Upstairs look just as superb . From here, it kinda look like a sky filled with stars .. Except you replace the sky with the reflection of the floor .__. These are some of the awesome stuff you could get at Kampachi . *Slurp* And trust me, their sea urchin is No.1 ! At least, in KL .. So fresh, and so delicious . I’m so sorry for those who had bad first time experience with stale sea urchins, but really, give it another go . Try this one at Kampachi ¬†¬†

A slice of Japanese Melon РRM75, Keenakan (Orange fruit) РRM15
This is the most expensive Japanese dessert I’ve ever eaten .

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