Future Music Festival Asia 2013, Sepang

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I’m actually really tired , and my FMFA post will be a real short one . Cause I’ll be doing for ASOT600 only . πŸ˜›

Well, we parked pretty far from the entrance .. It took us about 20 minutes of walking to reach the entrance and its RM50 for parking . Goodness . Good workout . Especially walking back to the car after the whole thing .. We were walking in the dark .

Security is pretty strict . We went through 2 checkpoints , first one to check your IC to identify if you’re 18 and above or not . The 2nd one is to present your ticket .

Well, Don from Manoah Consultancy gave me my wristband and media tag at the 2nd checkpoint, so I just went straight in . 2nd checkpoint was where they checked your belongings and what not to make sure you don’t bring in any food or water and etc . At the 3rd checkpoint (LONGEST QUEUE EVER), that’s where they give you your wristbands . Even at the VIP queue line, it’s not even moving . Thankfully I had my wristband already, so I just walked right in ! πŸ˜€ Thank you so much, Asahi Malaysia and Manoah Consultancy for the VIP & media pass to ASOT600.

I didn’t bring in a camera because it’s simply too much of a burden to . So I took pictures with my Samsung S2 only .








There was this cubicle after the 3rd checkpoint .. The only cubicle with the longest queue ever, with NO LIGHTS IN IT . So yeah, if you came alone, you’d suffer in this cubicle, having to juggle with your phone light and peeing . Unlike us , we had friends who could help shine light into the cubicle from outside . πŸ˜› We have restaurants to dine in the dark .. And now you have this – Pee in the dark . Yeah . Awesome experience .

The strobes and flashing lights were amazing . Every beat, every perfect note . Gosh . It was euphoric .

When we reached, Super8 & Tab were already on set . I don’t quite enjoy pure trance with no vocals in them . Not in a concert or with friends . I’m odd that way, don’t know why .. But I really like the tracks they all played . W&W also played a few awesome tracks .

They remixed Spaceman by Hardwell with Thing Called Love by Above and Beyond . Although I personally enjoy theΒ sndrz remix of Spaceman , this is equally great . Somehow it blended in real nicely . I embedded the song here . Enjoy ! πŸ˜›

Cosmic Gate played their famous Exploration of Space . That’s a real old song man .. Back in 1999 . I still remember how my brother and I used to dance to that. :O

When Armin came on stage, everyone was shouting ‘ARMIN, ARMIN, ARMIN’ or ‘TRANCE GOD IS HERE’ . He started off his set with this song , I love it lah . So epic . Although Final Fantasy X was just going through my head whenever the harmonious angelic vocals are heard ….. Erm . Hehe .

Here’s the full video of Armin at ASOT600KL, FMFA 2013, Sepang
He played a lot of nice tracks from my favourite DJs like Solar Stone,Β Giuseppe Ottaviani , Ferry Corsten .. And my all time favourite song too – Concrete Angel by Gareth Emery . I was definitely in a state of trance .

Here’s the videos of the different Djs for those who missed out on ASOT600

Ben Gold
Super8 & Tab
Cosmic Gate

Armin Van Buuren (The above video)
Aly & FIla

Full Playlist

Okay, enough of my shots .. Let me show you the pics FMFA posted on their Facebook page .


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