Mascaravaganza !

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3 years ago, my mum gave me this Oscillating Mascara. I’ve been using it till now . Don’t know where to say I’m really pathetic for not buying a new one or pathetic for not throwing it away after 3 months due to hygienic reasons .


Goodness, that’s how i look 3 years ago . I still have that dress too . LOL . Well, the mascara did the trick to make my lashes longer . Woo !

Thanks to Donovan Chan from Manoah Consultancy, I got a new mascara – BCL’s Browlash EX Lash Sculpture Long Separate Mascara . (‘: Okay, I should really try and sound less sad . Don’t get me wrong, I love mascaras . I just.. Need to pick up the habit of replacing my mascara .

The packaging is simple . Nothing fancy here, but you’re not gonna show off your mascara to the world , aren’t you ? A fancy packaging isn’t really needed here . It’s about the quality yo !

For this mascara, it has a comb instead of the normal brush so it separates each eyelash easily so the mascara is applied evenly.

Gosh, doesn’t look prominent here . I tried it again a few days later , it did a better job . (Guess first try was a little hard cause I wasn’t used to it yet.)

Looks better and clearer here .. Don’t you think ? I love putting mascara on the lower lashes , and with the comb, it’s super easy . Look at how long they are !! 

I kinda look retarded here, BUT IT DOESN’T MATTER . FOCUS ON THE EYELASHES .

*Gives a Doll-like effect/Fake eyelashes effect (Awesome, now you don’t need to spend too much time putting on fake eyelashes)
*Makes your bottom lashes really really long ..
*Super easy to use

*Very sticky (Reason: Smudge-free)
*PAIN AS HELL IF IT HITS YOUR EYE (I accidentally poked my eye with it. But which mascara wouldn’t hurt your eye …….. BUT IT STILL HURTS.)



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