Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant, Hulu Langat

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The octopus look so beautiful .

The cooked ones look even more beautiful . OM NOM NOM . They’re good btw ! Really.

And look at the size of the crab ! O_O

Mango Kerabu ! It’s spicy, but it’s refreshing .

Pucuk Paku
A lil old but it’s okay. Still yummy .

Steamed Mantis Prawns
Fresh in ! So delicious ! Although it took me so long to figure out how to peel them .

Lala ! Many of them are empty though , how disappointing .

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant

Jalan Ampang, Hulu Langat, 68000 Selangor

Eugene 019-2606493 (Main Branch)
William 012-2868193 (Selayang Branch)

Open Daily from 11am till 11pm


2 thoughts on “Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant, Hulu Langat

  1. Hi thanks for posting this.. I wonder is the place still exist cause I try calling them but nobody is answerin my phone.

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