Wishlist: Pastel Pink Samsung Note II

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Pink is usually associated with femininity . But I feel it’s more than that . Pink is a combination of red and white , containing passion and power but tamed by the purity white. Although, it does compliment women very well. Not too overpowering like Red nor too innocent and gulible like White . Pink is subtle. It’s a hint of sexy and innocence. (; Okay, you might not think I make any sense here .. I just feel pink isn’t just all that Barbie cutesy girly colour .

I had a hot pink Samsung S1 like the one above . I got the phone from Korea . Swag okay .. Everyone has mainstream colours like black and white .. But mine ? HOT PINK . Everyone envied my phone including boys . HAHA . Although, I changed to S2 a year later while my dad’s using my pink Samsung S1 .. 😛

Pastel pink Samsung Note IIs are available in Malaysia! I can do with a pastel pink phone. 1st of all , it’s way easier to recognise my phone .. Nowadays, everyone has similar looking phones (Despite the phone covers, sometimes we tend to take a while to remember how our phones look like… Maybe it’s just me. HEH) And I can totally show off to people .. Not everyone has a hot pink Samsung phone .

Asides that, I feel that pastel pink is sweet . It’s not like pure innocent white or black which are common colours for phone as they match everything and anything . But pastel pink gives a slightly more feminine feel . It’s very light pink so it is pretty easy to match it with your outfits and etc . And pastel colours are always in trend . :O

It matches my outfit man .. I want it so bad ! :O

Samsung Note II in Pastel Pink – RM2299
Available in a few Samsung Stores in malls
The ones I know of: KLCC, Midvalley, Gardens, One Utama.


Samsung Malaysia


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