Bali #Day 3

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We went to Kuta area on the 3rd day .. First thing we saw was the monument for the Bali bombing victims in 2005. Majority were Australians .. ):

We had nasi padang for lunch . Gosh, the weather was really hot .. It tired us out a lot ..

After that, we walked around. Shopped some more till we couldn’t stand the heat . It was so funny because we were just going into random shops to hide from the sun or enjoy the air cond for awhile . Heh .

We went to Lengian to shop some more .

That retro bikini looks so great. I want . ):

After shopping under the blazinggggggggggg heat , we headed to Tanah Lot.

Journey was pretty long .. So camwhore ._.

I look so tourist-y , it’s so weird . It’s like how the Caucasians buy the tourist clothes and wears them there and then .

On the way, we saw a restaurant selling babi guling. We HAD to stop to try it since the famous Ibu Oka was closed for 3 days .

It was 3pm and we’re having a full meal . LOL . Fat die us . Worst, I had a whole plate to myself . My aunt and mum shared a plate . :X Fat die me !

Babi guling with beer . :3

Looks really weird . Like a cat ran over it a few times.. But it tastes so good .. I really wonder how the babi guling in Ibu Oka tastes.


That’s Pura Batu Mejan

And me posing with the barely visible Pura Batu Mejan .

It’s pretty scary yet soothing to walk towards Pura Batu Mejan . There’s no barriers to keep you from falling on either sides .. But feels .. Great . Scarily great .

On the left side, Pura Enjung Galuh. It was high tide .. So we didn’t go over to check it out .

I got some random animal shots from a secret Snake Zoo in between the souvenir shops. Not kidding.

See? SNAKE ! I wasn’t joking .

First thing we saw from far was this huge bats .. Initially they weren’t moving .. I thought they were sun dried snake shed skins -.-

Mummy looking at everythinggggggg .

Slippers ._. There were rows and rows of them !

A more unique Karimba .

Bought this dream catcher necklace.

Although I find this more beautiful . So much purity in it . But it’s a little too big .

Gosh, her outfit … Coincidentally , another two girls in red walked into my frame when I snapped it.

Counting money to pay is tedious .. Because everything is in thousands and millions, we tend to miscalculate.

We gave 9 thousand short to this shopkeeper, and she took ages to explained to us what was wrong.


 That’s our driver we hired .

For dinner, we ate at Ikan Bakar Cianjur in Denpasar.

Lights were gorgeous .. The place is gorgeous .. Even the dressing of the waitresses.

Something like our ABC .. Triple the sugar content.

I’m not gonna post up many of the food shots. . They all look very ugly ._. But their ugly food taste really really really really good .. The one above especially. holymolygoodnessgraciousme. The fish here are so fresh, and the ways they cook them is absolutely out of this world ..


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