Bikini Hair Removal, For The Very First Time !

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It’s been a while since I last visited Publika .. Very much livelier than it’s first few months of course. It’s a beautiful morning . 😀

I made an appointment to Face Factors Clinic yesterday to try out their Soprano Hair Removal Laser. It’s suitable for all skin colours. I never knew that some types of lasers would cause a lot of pain for darker skins till Mila, the beautician who did the treatment for me told me about it. She said that this particular machine, Soprano Accord, she can set the frequency to a higher or lower level depending on the skin colour. A higher one for fair skin, and a lower one for darker skin.

This is how the machine looks like.
Those pink sponges are actually bedroom slippers for the machine . 😛 Just kidding .

Green lookin’ jelly she puts on before using the machine ..
WARNING: It’s extremely cold .
When she applied it on my frontal genital area, it felt like Antarctica landed on me. Damn, I should be keeping this to myself and let you experience it yourself .. 😛

If you do the treatment from your chest upwards (Underarms, face..) You would have to wear these sunnies !! Not exactly the trendiest thing, but hey, as long they protect your eyes , there’s no reason to complain ! (:

The tip is ice cold . I got a real shock to feel this ice cool sensation when I touched the tip . I expected it to be hot .. Or warm at least, but NO ! It helps to constantly keep the skin cool during the treatment.

I did a bit of research on this machine, and I’mma summarize it to you right here , right now! 😀

  • Alma Soprano uses low energy at high repetition to prevent damage to the skin.
  • You feel less heat and pain. 
  • Slower process compared to traditional machines but it’s less damaging and painful!
  • Gets less painful each treatment because the roots get thinner and thinner after each treatment. (YAY!) 
I thank Mila for not suggesting to try the underarm hair removal .. I would suffer a lot because I’m so ticklish . I cannot imagine going through all the tickling + cooling + weird sensations . Going through this treatment is definitely my first. I’ve never tried waxing because I don’t like the idea of it. Too much preparations for pain to work with. Plucking is out of the question of course. When Mila used the machine on me, she described the feeling I would feel as bites. Like little bugs biting you. What it felt to me was a multiple-tweezers-machine. Okay, so my imagination is a little crazy .. You can stick to the idea of ant bites if you want . 😛
When she’s done with the machine, she would apply a cream over your skin. I’m pretty sure it’s a soothing cream . I forgot to ask ! ):
They also have this Mother’s Day High Tea this 2nd May ! Go check it out ! You won’t regret it, trust me . (:

After the treatment, i decided to walk a bit just to snap some photographs. :3

It’s amazing how nobody stole those shoes yet . (Or maybe they’re glued to the metal stands..)

Toodles !


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