DEFINE Party, Zebra Square, KL

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Silly me . I did the smartest thing ever . I deleted my pictures from my memory card while uploading them to my comp . 😀 So I have lack of photographs of DEFINE. T_T But that’s no excuse . I STILL HAVE PICTURES . PFT.

This is from Julie‘s instagram . :3

So cool eh, all the staff wears this LED tag on their shirts to tell people who they are. For this guy, he’s part of the security team . 😀

Free flow of champagne all night . Hehh .

Baby Dee was there too .

Everything is just white . The sofas, the weird canopies .. The walls .. Although being in such a white room, I feel like I’m in a hostage hall . But hey, it’s themed . Everyone’s in white . Except a few rebellious ones .. So not sporting . Tsk 😛

Feels like you’re watching the universe . From this photograph anyway .. I can’t remember the  DJ’s name . My bad , really !!


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