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Men, sweat and action . Yearhhhhhhh . Don’t we all love that ? I’ve been to a few championships .. And I have yet to go for a Legend Fighting Championship. I’m definitely rooting for our Malaysian fighters – Sam Chan and Hanif Zainal ! I’ve seen Sam Chan in GODS FC and Hanif at MFC 5 last year.

Sam ‘Swag’ Chan against Syed Hilman . He really had the swag .. Chilling only while he fights .

Can’t really see Hanif here .. But it’s the only photograph I have of his fight with Kenny Ng . Hanif won. MMA championships are getting more exposure here in Malaysia , ‘I want to be an ambassador for Malaysian MMA at Legend 11, and will be ready and waiting to put on a great show for the local MMA fans’, Hanif says. It’s pretty interesting to watch a fight once in a while, I am pretty sure not many of you have watched an MMA championship before . It’s amazing, trust me . The adrenaline rush, that enjoyment of watching men fight ._. It’s the truth okay, everyone loves a good fight . Almost everyone.  Gosh, I sound so violent .

I attended their official weigh-in this morning at Swiss Garden.

Luke Jumeau vs Li Jingliang
I can’t wait to see their fight . They will be fighting for the WelterWeight Championship Title. Uber fierce pose they have there ._.

Look at him . Gosh , I am pretty intimidated . That’s Luke  Jumeau by the way.

Gugun Gusman vs Sam Chan
Pity Sam Chan though, the only one who didn’t make it to the weight limit . He was 60g over the limit. I don’t know if he made it or not . I’m only able to find that out tomorrow during the fight. 😀

You could still get hold of the tickets here if you haven’t any . ^^  The event details are right here. 😀 


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